Industry veterans will revive Telltale Games

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Industry veterans will revive Telltale Games

One of the news that took us by surprise last year was the closing of Telltale Games. The company in charge of episodic titles such as The walking dead Y The Wolf Among Us He went through financial problems, so he had to fire most of his staff shortly before confirming the end of his operations.

Since then, several of its most important titles have disappeared from various digital stores, but this could change soon. In fact, Telltale Games will return to the industry thanks to LCG Entertainment.

This company, made up of various industry veterans, today announced the purchase of the remains of Telltale Games. This implies their assets, brands, technology and intellectual properties. The good news is that the company will start operations like Telltale again and the intention is to relaunch various games, as well as develop new projects based on franchises already available in its catalog and new ones.

LCG Entertainment was formed by Jamie Ottilie, current executive manager, as well as Brian Waddle, general director of revenue. The purchase of Telltale Games was made possible by an important group of investors and advisors.

Ottilie is known primarily for his career in mobile games and the successful launch of various license-based titles. For its part, Waddle stands out for its experience in sales and marketing management for the Havok engine.

The return of Telltale is planned with a renewed staff of staff. However, LCG Entertainment will offer independent positions to former employees of the company, with the possibility of subsequently giving full-time contracts.

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In accordance with Polygon, LCG Entertainment already has property rights such as The Wolf Among Us, Batman and the original Telltale games. They are currently working to analyze the current situation of other IPs.

Ottilie hinted that there is a possibility that they will take back part of the work that the study left before its closure. It is important to emphasize that The walking dead It will not be part of its catalog, since the rights now belong to Skybound, a company that was responsible for finishing the episodic series of said franchise.

"This is a viable business that disappeared due to market conditions and some important decisions it made [the previous Telltale administration]. I like games that tell stories and I think our industry should have a company specializing in narrative games," commented Ottilie.

The executive manager also revealed that the purchase was not easy and that the negotiations began 6 months ago. Athlon Games is part of the negotiations, so it will handle the operations and distribution of future projects.

The new Telltale will be based in Malibu, California. His initial focus will be to focus on technology and internal design, this to ensure the success of his next games. Ottilie emphasized that they will not comment on the same mistakes that led to the closure of the study.

For now, there are no details on what will happen with franchises such as Borderlands, game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy Y Minecraft. Finally, it was confirmed that the rights Stranger Things They returned to Netflix. Here you will find other news related to the study.

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Industry veterans will revive Telltale Games
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