LG: Patents show smartphone without buttons and device with interesting camera

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LG: Patents show smartphone without buttons and device with interesting camera

Again and again, new patents for various smartphone concepts emerge. It is not always the result of an actual product, but often manufacturers' ideas for the future are revealed here.

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Patent shows LG phone without buttons and one with single camera | (c) LG


(c) LG

Had a lot of success LG in recent years, unfortunately not. Here in Germany, the group even renounced a release of the flagship LG G8 ThinQ and put only on the somewhat budget-oriented variant LG G8s ThinQ. Maybe that's why LG is also trying on various new designs for future smartphones that cause a stir. So recently a patent for a foldable appeared, which can be folded in two places. Now there was a patent for a buttonless smartphone and a device with single camera on the back.

Mobile without buttons with quadruple camera

Although both patents are a bit older, they have so far escaped media attention. A smartphone without physical buttons is a very interesting concept. Nice Vivo has with the Vivo Apex pursued a similar concept, but which has not yet found use in one of their smartphones. Meizu tried to crowdfund the first buttonless device on the market, but failed in the attempt. The Meizu Zero should even come completely without connections or slots, but LG does not want to go that far.

The patent clearly provides recesses for a USB-type C port, a headphone jack and speakers. In addition, four cameras were arranged around a medium LED flash on the back. If this device will actually be produced, then it could be LG's first smartphone with quadruple camera. Which sensors are to be used is unfortunately not apparent from the patent. However, a small notch for the selfie camera can be seen on the front.

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Single camera on the back

LG patent for mobile phone with single camera | (c) LG

The second patent is a bit more enigmatic. Although the standard buttons are provided here, only one camera is used on the back. This lies in a ring that may function as an LED flash. Such ring lights are often used in portrait photography. Unfortunately, there are no details about the camera in the patent. Even budget devices have in the meantime installed at least two rear sensors in many cases. Which plan LG pursued here seems unclear at first.

Still has to show whether LG ever has an interest in following up on these two designs and develop appropriate devices. Innovations in the market for flagship smartphones are rare, many designs are only unspectacular iterations of precursor models.

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LG: Patents show smartphone without buttons and device with interesting camera
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