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Review Öwn Fun 7

Review Öwn Fun 7 1


Launched in the mobile market in June 2018 in Chile, Öwn brings us to its new Fun 7, which stands out for its price which does not exceed CLP $ 100,000 and which gives one of the most economical access to the current trend of the screens in 18: 9 format.

The device is presented with a size of 5.7 inches and inside it leads to the Android Oreo operating system in its version 8.1, which runs thanks to its quad-core processor and its 2GB of RAM.

In the section of the camera we will find a main sensor of 13 megapixels with LED flash and Full HD video, while the front sensor is 8 megapixels and also has an LED flash. Integra facial recognition and a battery of 3,000 mAh capacity.

We have much to tell you about this new Öwn Fun 7 that this time we tested thanks to the courtesy of Entel who provided us with the equipment.


– Öwn– Fun 7– Initial state: New– Author: Jonathan Munizaga– Photographs of the team: Jonathan Munizaga– Trial period: June 14 – June 21
– 3G: 850/900/1700 AWS / 1900– 4G LTE: B2 CHILE, B4 AWS, B7 CHILE, B28 CHILE – Category LTE CAT 4 150 / 50Mbps – NOT compatible with 4G + – VoLTE compatible – Operates natively with Entel, WOM , Movistar and Claro
– 5.7-inch IPS LCD screen with 720 × 1440 resolution, aspect 18: 9– 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6739WA processor– 2GB RAM memory and expandable 16GB internal storage– PowerVR GE8100 graphics processor– MONO speaker– Bluetooth 4.2 – GPS – AGPS – GLONASS– USB MicroUSB– Face unlock– 13 MP main camera, LED flash, Full HD 30fps video – 8 MP front camera with LED flash and Full HD 30fps video – Android 8.1 Oreo operating system – 3,000 mAh battery


In this equipment we will find a single main camera of 13 megapixels of which it is unknown how much its opening is because the manufacturer has not informed it. However, it has an LED flash and autofocus.

Review Öwn Fun 7 2

Meanwhile on the front side we find an 8 megapixel camera, which is accompanied by an LED flash whose presence with the naked eye is not noticeable, but that will help you to make your selfies better illuminated.

Review Öwn Fun 7 3


Then I will leave you with photographs captured with our protagonist in different light conditions and with the settings in automatic (as it came from the factory).


The Fun 7 also has the ability to record videos in Full HD quality with up to 30 frames per second as maximum quality.

I will leave you with a video recorded with the equipment so you can appreciate its image and sound quality. I remind you that YouTube the original quality decreases a bit


The application that is responsible for being able to control the cameras of this device, brings various functions that we commonly find in smartphones, such as beauty mode, manual mode and portrait mode (as the manufacturer calls it) that will allow us to take pictures with the background out of focus.

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In the following video I will show you how the camera interface is and part of its functions so that you can know it in more detail:

CONCLUSION: To be a low-end device, I found the camera application complete, as well as being easy to use. The image quality during the day is very acceptable, and I think the same is true of the quality of the night photos, considering that it is a $ 100,000 CLP team.


Review Öwn Fun 7 4

Starting from the computer screen, I can tell you that we find one of the IPS LCD type that reaches 5.7 inches and its resolution is 720 x 1440 pixels, which gives us an 18: 9 aspect ratio, thus adding to The current trend.

Review Öwn Fun 7 5

I must admit that for the price of the equipment I would find an image quality “there no more”, but I was very wrong, because thanks to the high level of brightness it achieves, it makes the colors look vivid worthy of an IPS screen.

Review Öwn Fun 7 6

As for options available to adjust the quality of the screen, the truth is that we will find very few. We can only adjust the brightness, activate the automatic brightness (which works well), modify the size of the interface and the text, among other options.


In this section we will find a single speaker which is located at the back of the equipment.

The sound quality is completely normal, but the central sounds are highlighted more than the bass or treble. Some will like how it sounds, others may not, so I say it is a normal quality.

Review Öwn Fun 7 7

What struck me is that when you reach the maximum volume level, the speaker does not saturate at all, nor does the bass decrease.

Now, if we connect wired headphones in its 3.5mm port that incorporates, I tell you that the sound quality is very good and as expected the volume power is NOT limited by software, which many will appreciate.

In my case I did the tests with some Xiaomi Piston 2, although the team brings its own hands-free In-Ear headphones and includes a button to answer calls or pause the music. I can't tell you about the quality because I haven't tried them for a hygiene issue.

As much as I looked in the menus, I didn't find any option that improves the sound quality or some equalizer.


Our protagonist has an FM Radio tuner to listen to your favorite stations. Although it does not have RDS technology, it does have good signal reception, although the latter will depend clearly on the sector where you are located and used headphones (which function as an antenna).

Review Öwn Fun 7 8

The good thing is that you can use the speaker or record what you hear directly from the Radio.

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CONCLUSION: The screen really impressed me its quality, since for the price that the team has expected something of lower quality, but the colors and brightness are quite good. The sound quality is normal and acceptable in terms of the speaker, but the thing changes when using headphones because the quality there is good.


The equipment comes from the factory with Android 8.1 Oreo and its security patch was updated as of April 2018. Its interface is 95% original from Android, but the launcher of the device is from Öwn but it works well and has no application drawer .

Review Öwn Fun 7 9

As for the performance that we will find in the Öwn Fun 7, I must tell you that it is in line with the range to which this equipment belongs. Not bad, but obviously the lag is present in the experience.

There are some sections and / or applications that are quite good, but there are others that have slowness or lag, that is to say, they are going to pull to explain it in a simpler way. Obviously we are not going to expect a 100% fluid experience because we are facing a low-end team, one worth only CLP $ 100,000.

This equipment is more oriented for those who only seek to be in contact with the people they want, either by calls or by instant messaging applications, and take one or another photo, for that the team is perfect. But if you are looking for games and things that require higher performance, this team is obviously not the one.

I will leave you with the following video where I will show you how is the performance of this smartphone and so you draw your own conclusions.

The device does not have a fingerprint reader, but the Fun 7 incorporates facial unlocking so that you use your face as a security measure to keep the device locked.

I have used facial unlocking and it works well, although it takes about a second to recognize and unlock the device, but at least it is faster and more convenient than entering a password or pattern.

Review Öwn Fun 7 10

CONCLUSION: The team has a performance according to its range, in some apps it runs well, in others not very well and the lag is the protagonist in many occasions. However, it impresses that a team like this is already operating with Android 8.1 Oreo. I think that with a software update the present lag could be eliminated a little more, especially the one that exists in the notification bar that is very annoying.


In this section the Öwn Fun 7 battery has a capacity of 3,000 mAh capacity. However, it is enough for what this equipment offers.

We test the equipment with a couple of applications that most often use. That is, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, a music player like Deezer, Instagram… among other.

We always had the brightness in automatic mode, we used Wi-Fi network and 4G connectivity several times, as well as we had access to the GPS.

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With all of the above, the team gave me an autonomy of a full 1 day, and a couple of hours the next day, so in this section the team behaves very well and will make you forget for a while the charger.


I must say that the Fun 7 has a fairly acceptable design and the good thing is that it adapts to current trends when we see it on the front.

Review Öwn Fun 7 11

I mean having a screen in 18: 9 aspect with small bezels at the bottom and top, which allows us to have a large screen in a smaller body.

The front part will find glass, while the edges and back cover are completely plastic. This cover is completely removable so you can access the battery (which is also removable) and the MicroSIM and MicroSD card slots.

Review Öwn Fun 7 12

On the top we find a 3.5mm jack connector for the headphones, on the left side we have nothing, on the right side we find the volume and power keys, while on the bottom we have the main microphone and the MicroUSB port.

CONCLUSION: A totally acceptable design and according to its range and price. The back is textured so it helps grip. It is neither large nor small, for me it is the ideal size and is quite comfortable to wear and carry.


The Öwn Fun 7 is a team that was quite complete for the price it has. The best thing is that this price allows you to access the 18: 9 screen and the latest version of Android, something that some high-end can not offer.

I found that everything is very consistent with its range, such as the camera that is complete and offers more than acceptable quality. I found her screen very good and I really didn't expect it.

The only thing I did not like at all is the performance of the team, I found that it has a lot of lag. Recently I received a software update that did not bring any news, but its performance improved somewhat, but the lag still continues as you could see in the demo video. However, we hope that with the next updates it will continue to improve.

Review Öwn Fun 7 13

The audio is good, the autonomy of the battery is very good, but in performance it falls and that is why we have to try to improve it as much as possible so that it is an excellent alternative.

For now I recommend it to people looking to have WhatsApp, calls, maybe listen to music, and a couple of photos. If you want more than the above, consider other options.

You can find the Öwn Fun 7 with the Entel operator at its points of sale at a prepaid price of CLP $ 99,990.

We thank the operator again Entel for having been kind enough to have facilitated this team and thus bring you this complete review of the Öwn Fun 7.

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Review Öwn Fun 7
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