Samsung begins offering its first A-Die memory chips to RAM manufacturers

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Samsung announced the launch of its first memory kits developed with its new chips A-Die which will begin to supply the manufacturers shortly, and we must remember that these chips replace the famous B-Die, and not that they are better, but that they are a solution much more economical and profitable, since they arrive with less frequencies, much higher latencies, and are not friendly for overclocking, having the advantage that they arrive with a higher density, so the company generates more profit for each chip sold.

Samsung M378A4G43AB2 CVF A Die 740x276 0

The first module to arrive with these memory chips is the Samsung M378A4G43AB2-CVF, where a single module offers 32 GB of memory at a speed of 2933 MHz with latencies CL21-21-21. Obviously, these memoirs will offer quite mediocre performance in systems for professional or gaming use, so its use will be limited to low cost systems, with the problem that Samsung has discontinued the B-Die chips, so the company will not offer a memory according to the new standards imposed by Intel and AMD having to wait for other manufacturers to take advantage of the movement to keep an abandoned market.

via: TechPowerUp

Samsung begins offering its first A-Die memory chips to RAM manufacturers
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