The sound of a Tesla Model 3 in reverse looks like a UFO from the 70s

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Tesla Model 3.

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Surely at some point in your life you have seen the typical B-series movie that showed some aliens of the most 'cyberpunk'. And if you already have gray hair, you probably remember how they sounded, for example, the UFOs of those films shot in the 70s. This is the sound of a Tesla Model 3 circulating backwards.

No, we are not making it up. European and US regulations require electric cars to have warning sounds for passersby due to how quiet they are. And Tesla, being the peculiar company that it is, has wanted to provide its Tesla Model 3 with a sound less curious.

Tesla wanted to anticipate the obligation to implement these warning sounds, but with a twist. While the sound of these Tesla when they go forward resembles that of a gasoline engine, the one that occurs when they reverse … is typical of that of an UFO of those old films.

The sound of a Tesla Model 3 reversing reminds us of movies 'pool' ancient

First we need some context. According to this European regulation, electric cars (and motorcycles) of new homologation must equip this type of acoustic warning devices since last July 1st. In the case of electric and hybrid cars marketed in the continent these sounds will be mandatory from July 1, 2021.

In the American case, the dates are not the same; The regulations impose these systems as of September 1, 2020. Tesla wanted to advance to the United States and will equip all acoustic warnings in all Model 3 manufactured after September 1. Not only the Model 3; Model S and X will also have these systems.

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However, we are not talking about a unique sound; Depending on whether the car is going forward or reversing, one sound or another will sound. In case of going forward the warning will emulate the engine of a conventional gasoline car. In case of going backwards … Well, the sound seems like the UFOs of those old movies.

This decision could perfectly come from Elon Musk; The South African tycoon has repeatedly demonstrated his irreverence in business decisions of this nature. Remember that it was he himself who claimed that he wanted to create an underwater car.

Are these sounds really necessary?

In the video we can see how the user complains that the car is not silent. It is true that a quieter car is always appreciated given the noise they make, but these sounds (in addition to being mandatory) are necessary to avoid accidents. We cannot forget people with disabilities such as the blind, who have these sounds as a signal.

It is precisely for this reason that the sound of the Tesla Model 3 circulating forward is that of a gasoline car; He is the most recognizable and the one that everyone has ever heard. Obviously it is possible to introduce the desired sound (for example, that of a Ferrari engine) and this Tesla Model 3 has chosen to adopt one of the most bizarre science fiction.

Of course when you hear this sound down the street you will know that it is a Tesla Model 3 reversing. Either that, or has the War of the Worlds of Orson Welles really begun.

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The sound of a Tesla Model 3 in reverse looks like a UFO from the 70s
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