This is the Redmi K20 Pro Premium, the improved version of the killer flagship

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Así es el Redmi K20 Pro Premium, la versión mejorada del flagship killer

We already came warning two days ago: Redmi had prepared a new flagship. Yesterday, we learned that it was the Redmi K20 Pro Premium, the improved version of the current flagship of the brand that was presented today, as well as the Huawei Mate 30, of which you can find all the information in Android Pro. Well, it seems that this has been the perfect moment chosen by Redmi to present the Redmi K20 Pro Premium, the vitamin version of flagship killer You can with everything you throw.

It's complicated to make an improved version of a phone that has practically everything. Redmi has not wanted to go crazy and cover all the shortcomings of the Redmi K20 Pro, because that would mean raising the price considerably and losing the meaning of its existence. That is why the brand has chosen to introduce three key improvements on which everything is based flagship killer: processor, storage and RAM.

The Redmi K20 Pro Premium arrives with the Snapdragon 855+

Yesterday we already told you that the Redmi K20 Pro Premium would arrive with the Qualcomm's latest processor, the Snapdragon 855+, which offers us a performance still superior to that of its predecessor. Thanks to this, we gain an extra performance that will not hurt the most demanding. This, together with 12 GB of RAM, will ensure that no game or application resists as demanding as they are. To accompany such amount of RAM, Redmi has provided this Redmi K20 Pro Premium with 512 GB of internal storage.

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Although these features make the terminal even more interesting, especially for its price of 405 euros to change in its most top version (there are other versions with 8 + 128 GB and with 8 + 512 GB). Of course, in some sections we would have liked to see other changes to really call this Redmi K20 Pro Premium by that name. One of them could be the change of the rear glass for ceramic. So would the inclusion of wireless charging or UFS 3.0 storage, but of course, in the end all these improvements would imply a large price increase.

Anyway, Redmi He has done a good job and to aesthetically differentiate the Pro Premium version of the Pro, has given it an appearance as with armor, similar to the Redmi K20 Pro of The Avengers that we saw a while ago. We still do not know if this Redmi K20 Pro Premium could arrive in the form of Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Premium to the rest of the markets, although taking into account that the Mi MIX 4 and the Mi 9 Pro are presented next week, we doubt it, the truth .

This is the Redmi K20 Pro Premium, the improved version of the killer flagship
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