▷▷ How to have unlimited FREE SPOTIFY PREMIUM without advertising 2019 – Download APK

by Kelvin

A while ago Spotify An email campaign has started for those who have the application installed and have an abnormal activity (which has the APK) recommending uninstall this APK application and download the official Google Play since you can suffer a ban on the account that will prevent you from using it again.

Well, we have been testing several APKs they skip the firewalls and they are going to offer the same as a Spotify Premium account and totally free and unlimited.


▷▷ How to have unlimited FREE SPOTIFY PREMIUM without advertising 2019 - Download APK 4

The objective of this guide is that you can Listen to all the free music in 2019 on your Android mobile or tablet, because with Spotify Premium Free you will be able to download any song, album of any artist,… in addition to listening to songs, making lists and having all the official Spotify Premium features available, free and forever.

Alternatives to Spotify Premium Free: Best Android Apps to Download Free MP3 Music

How to download unlimited free Spotify Premium (forever)

Spotify is one of the most used applications to listen to music, however the price is very high if you want to use it with all the features of the Premium.

We start with the tutorial: You must start by uninstalling any application related to Spotify that you have installed on your mobile and enable the option of Unknown Origins of your mobile and tablet. To do this you must go to: Settings-> Security and activate the option "Unknown origins".

Once this is done, you can now Download the APK of Spotify Premium Free.

Download Spotify Beta APK

▷▷ How to have unlimited FREE SPOTIFY PREMIUM without advertising 2019 - Download APK 5Spotify Beta is a Free and secure APK. A perfect replica of the official Spotify Premium application. To have it you only have to click on the link of download Spotify Beta, install Spotify Beta and you already have an updated and free version of Spotify Premium Free available, without advertising and with all the music available to stream it on your Android terminal. If the previous APK does not work for you, we leave you another APK to have Spotify Premium Free.

The only function that is not available with these APKs is that of downloading songs, since developers are not able to decipher the Spotify code.

If what you are looking for is to download the music from Spotify, better download the following APK Spotify Downloader.

Download Spotify Downloader to have Spotify Premium free

▷▷ How to have unlimited FREE SPOTIFY PREMIUM without advertising 2019 - Download APK 6Another alternative to Spotify Beta to have Spotify Premium Free is the Spotify Downloader APK. To have it click on the link to Download the APK of Spotify Downloader.

Once the application is downloaded and installed you must go to the official Spotify app and add the songs you want to download in a playlist. It has no limit. Then you will find them in “Your library”, going to the playlist that you have created and, after selecting it, you will give the three points or settings that are at the top of the screen -> Share -> Copy Link .

Once you have completed the previous step, you go to the Spotify Downloader APK, by clicking on the 3 points at the top of the screen and clicking on “Add playlist” again. Then you paste the previously copied url and you will have the song list available to listen to all the free music from Spotify or download it to your mobile.

With this APK it is possible to download the music to the mobile.

Kodi addon from Spotify

The Spotify Addon for the platform of Kodi It is one of the best known for have Spotify Premium free. All you have to do is download Kodi (On the Internet you have a lot of tutorials) and then install the Spotify addon in Kodi that is on the list of the best Addons.

Advantages of having the Spotify Premium APK Free

  • Download all the music you want.
  • Access to an internal music library through your user and pass.
  • It has no invasive advertising.
  • Downloading hacked spotify will allow you to play all your unlimited content.
  • Free access to Spotify beta premium, Spotify premium free for PC, Android and iOS.
  • Integrated news radar.
  • Fresh finds.
  • Handles daily mix.
  • You can see the lyrics of the songs.
  • Generate an administrator to sort and filter the songs.

Free Spotify Premium Alternatives

✅ Pages to Download Free Music

✅ Apps to Download Free MP3 Music

Free Spotify Premium is in the TOP:


Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions for Spotify Premium Free

Spotify is not officially available in my country, how can I enjoy the Spotify Premium features?

To be able to install the Spotify Premium application for free officially when it is not available in your country you must remove the restriction of the country and for this you will have to install a VPN that can be free:

I tried to download music and the Spotify app shows me a notification to upgrade to Premium. Why can't I download songs and music in this Spotify Premium application?

This means that you have a free version of Spotify and you will have to pay for the Premium version that you can download music. Or download the free Spotify Premium APK that we give you above that will let you download songs. In addition, you have other applications with which you can download songs and listen to them without having an Internet connection:

Why can't I skip songs and I don't have unlimited skips on Spotify?

That's because you have both versions of Spotify, both Free and APK. You will have to erase both of them and just install the APK version of Spotify Premium Free.

The Spotify app says I can't log in. I have entered the correct username and password but the app does not let me log in. How can it be solved?

You will have to Clear Spotify app data and cache. To do this you will have to go to "Settings" -> "Applications" -> "APK of Spotify" -> "Storage" and delete the data and cache of the app.

So far the most used questions by users of Plaitec.com, if you have any further questions, please indicate it in the comments so we can help you.

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