– ▷ Android 10 stable now available, we review your most important news »-

by Kelvin
- ▷ Android 10 stable now available, we review your most important news »ERdC

It has finally come out officially the stable version of Android 10. This version brings a multitude of new features to users, which include a theme dark throughout the system and a new navigation gesture based.

New major features in Android 10

Now they present 10 of the new features that Android 10 bring to our terminals:


Live Caption (live subtitles)

This is a pretty interesting feature. With Live caption, videos (including the ones we record), podcasts and audio messages they are subtitled when the option is activated. And the best part is that it doesn't require Wi-Fi or data.

Smart answers

With Android 9 Pie, the system received suggested responses when a message or email is received. Android 10 takes it even further with Smart Reply. A message containing a location or address will now include suggestions for opening related applications, such as Maps, to get directions to get to the place.

Sound amplifier

This is an application that Increase sound volume, filter background noise and provide a better overall audio experience when we connect the headphones to watch a video or listen to an audio file.

Gesture Navigation

Android 10 brings a new system of gesture navigation that includes slips and pulls. Now we can pull from the left to return, slide up to go to the Home and drag the bar to the left or right to change from one application to another.

Dark theme

Google finally heard the requests and has now added A dark theme to Android. Google says it uses a completely black tone for the dark theme, which should improve battery life on terminals with AMOLED displays, and also reduce eye strain on all devices. Google applications such as Gmail, photos and calendar acquire a dark theme when the mode is activated.

New emojis

Android 10 brings up to 65 new emojis, including those of inclusive genders for pre-existing emojis.

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Privacy controls

With Android 10, users have more controls over your privacy. You can customize which application has access to our location and when. You can choose what data is stored and for how long. You can also choose not to receive personalized ads.

Faster security updates

With Android 10, Security updates and fixes will be implemented through Google Play (Play Store). These will be received in the same way that applications receive new updates.

Usability Improvements

Android 10 offers several new ways to improve as we use our device. One of them is the contaminant detection, which will send a notification if there is moisture or dirt on the USB port.

Android Auto is also incorporated now. We just have to connect the phone and start using Android Auto on the car screen.

Another feature are the dynamic system updates. These allow developers to upload a different system image to the device for testing without affecting the original system image.

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Digital well-being

Now you can configure website timers and not only for applications. There is also a new feature called Focus mode which allows you to minimize distractions and pause preselected applications. As well are added parental controls to set screen time limits, view device location and manage what you see.


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