▷ ARCore, Google Android app to create experiences of INCREASED REALITY

by Kelvin
ARCore app Android Google

Today we are going to talk about Google's ARCore, the app to create augmented reality experiences. We are increasingly clear that the future of mobile phones goes through augmented reality. Many of us had one of the first contacts with her thanks to the popular Pokemon Go game, but it also has applications in photography, video or GPS navigation.


Y ARCore It is the augmented reality technology created by Google. It is a package of services that will allow you to get the most out of augmented reality applications on your smartphone. In this way, what now seems almost futuristic will gradually become part of our lives.

ARCore, the Augmented Reality tool from Google

Competition for Apple

Until now, it was Apple with his ARKit who carried the frying pan for command on the issue of augmented reality. But, as is usually the case with almost any launch, Google has decided to fight back, offering its augmented reality options to a greater number of devices.

To be able to enjoy the advantages of ARCore on your smartphone, it is necessary that you have installed the application that Google has intended for this purpose:

Google Play services for RA Google Play services for RA

▷ ARCore, Google Android app to create experiences of INCREASED REALITY 3

The main drawback that can be taken from this technology is that it is designed to smartphones high end. Therefore, if you have a simple mobile, you probably cannot use it.

The reason given by Google for this decision is that, for a good user experience, a device with rather high performance is recommended.

However, even the benefits of mid-range they are growing, so it is likely that ARCore is very soon available to all users.

▷ ARCore, Google Android app to create experiences of INCREASED REALITY 4

What can we do with Google ARCore

Augmented reality still seems almost science fiction to many users. But the truth is that in the not too distant future it can have an impressive effect on our lives.

To get an idea of ​​its many possibilities, we recommend you watch the following video:

Brands such as Samsung, Asus, Huawei or LG are already starting to make this type of technology a reality. The idea is that, in a short time, at least 5% of the smartphones from all over the world can use ARCore. Thus, in the not too distant future, augmented reality applications will become an essential element in our lives.

Do you have ARCore installed on your device? Have you ever used applications with augmented reality? Do you think this technology will be decisive in the near future or will it be just a fad that will happen soon?

We invite you to go through the comments section that you can find at the bottom of this article and tell us your impressions about what is coming regarding mobile technology.

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