‚Ė∑ How to evolve Magikarp Pok√©mon GO

by Kelvin
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In this guide we tell you how to evolve Magikarp Pokémon GO. The first thing players should do is to make Magikarp their Pokémon friend. Magikarp only needs to walk 1km to win a candy with it, which means that players can accumulate a decent amount of Magikarp candies simply by walking. Better yet, there are a couple of other objectives in the Mew mission that require players to win candy with their Pokémon friend, and Magikarp's walking distance requirement makes him the perfect companion for that as well.

How to evolve Magikarp Pokémon GO

The second thing players should do is try to play near a public lake or other body of water. Since Magikarp is a water-type Pokémon, it is much more likely to spawn near the water, and players can potentially win three Magikarp candies for each one they capture. However, players can double that number to six candies from Magikarp's catches by first giving them a Pinap Berry, so keep that in mind.


Other ways players can win Magikarp candies include hatching them from eggs (focus on 2km eggs) and feeding them with rare candies, commonly obtained as band battle rewards. If possible, players should try to make higher level raids, as they will get better rewards, including rarer sweets than lower level raids. Magikarp, by the way, can also be fought in raids, which will be useful in the long process to turn it into a Gyarados.

The final tip we have to collect 400 Magikarp candies as quickly as possible is to cultivate the Field Research mission to capture X number of Pokémon. If players find a PokeStop that is giving this mission, they can spin it once a day to get repeated opportunities to catch Magikarp. Sometimes, players will be rewarded with items instead of a Magikarp match, but it's still something to keep in mind.

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