▷ How to share photos safely with shortcuts

▷ How to share photos safely with shortcuts 1

Did you know that every photo you send through iMessage, or other messaging services like WhatsApp, contains all the location data for that photo? If you take a photo at home, anyone who receives that photo will be able to see where you took it on a map.

The same goes for uploading images to online auction sites or Internet forums. The good news is that it is easy to disinfect your images with shortcuts.


Delete location data from photos with shortcuts

The easiest way to send images without location is to capture them using the camera within the Messages app. This automatically removes the metadata. But if you are sharing an image that you already took, try this shortcut.

Eliminate the steps you don't need.
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The shortcut runs from the Share sheet and only works with images. When you're in the Photos app, just Touchez the share arrow, then select Shortcuts and then select this shortcut from the list that appears.

Delete metadata and share

The shortcut itself is simple. Take the image, resize it, and then convert it to a JPG file. As part of the JPG conversion, there is an option to Preserve metadata. You want to disable this option to delete location data.

Then the newly sanitized image is copied to the clipboard and a new message is composed. The image is automatically added to the message. All you have to do is type in the recipient, and press send.

Customize it

You don't need to have the iMessage action and the Copy to Clipboard action together. Just delete the one you don't want. I like the Copy version, as it allows me to paste the image anywhere. You can also have the image saved in your photo library.

Equally, you don't need to shrink the image before converting it, but why not? Especially if you are using mobile data.

There are apps that do the exact same thing, but why bother with those when Shortcuts can do the job? Build it yourself, or download my version here.

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