▷ Mario Kart Tour comes to Android and iOS next week

by Kelvin
mario kart tour android

Good news, Mario Kart Tour is just around the corner! Never better said, for fans of old-school Nintendo games and Android and iOS mobile phones, it's coming.


Soon you can combine them when Mario Kart Tour arrives on mobile devices for the first time on September 25 of this 2019.

Basically, if you are the type of player who had a Nintendo 64 in his day and liked to run on crazy tracks, with the most picturesque characters, you will soon be able to return to those days from wherever you are.

Mario Kart Tour Android and also iOS, next week

The most crazy Mario plumber races

Of course, Mario Kart Tour is offered by Nintendo and will allow you to enjoy the whole world of Mario Kart on the small screen of your mobile phone. Not so small anymore …

It is the tenth game of the Mario Kart series, but it is the first to reach a mobile phone. You can play as Princess Peach, Yoshi, Bowser and, of course, as everyone's favorite pixelated Italian plumber, Mario himself. A big racing game!

▷ Mario Kart Tour comes to Android and iOS next week 3

As you probably know, if you've played any of the Mario Kart games, you've already done almost everything. That is part of the fun. Obviously, this game will not be different.

There are crazy and extravagant characters, a variety of clues based on the mushroom kingdom, to put you to the test. Obstacles – sometimes put by other characters – to overcome the frantic journey of each kart race.

Anthology game mechanics

You can still collect powers to drop oil stains or to provide a speed increase as in the old days. The goal remains the same, to reach the end of the race as quickly as possible, by any means necessary.

On the official Nintendo website, they say: "Mario Kart Tour is the first Mario Kart game for smart devices," Step on the pedal thoroughly in races inspired by real-world locations, as well as Mario series favorites Kart. ”

▷ Mario Kart Tour comes to Android and iOS next week 4

So far, we do not know what kind of game modes will be available, but in the usual format, there are several races that provide points to win a cup. The higher you get, the more points you will have to use for improvements.

There will be many racing circuits. As far as we know, there will be 64 tours and 16 drinks on the Mario Kart Tour. Oh and you can choose to compete against the machine (your mobile) or against up to seven people in real life.

As you progress, you will be unlocking more and more content as you continue to win cups and win in circuit fields. There are also points to earn for special updates, characters and other unlockable content.

Mario Kart Tour Android and also iOS

Mario Kart Tour Android and iOS, will be available from September 25, 2019. There are rumors that it will be free at first, but then you will have to pay to get the full game later. Or will they opt for in-app purchases?

And you, are you a fan of Mario Kart Tour and will it be your favorite game in the coming weeks? Leave a comment!!


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