– ▷ Real images of Vivo NEX 3 show their "waterfall screen" »-

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- ▷ Real images of Vivo NEX 3 show their "waterfall screen" »ERdC

Vivo and the company's product manager, Li Xiang, lately they have been referring to next experimental smartphone of the firm: the Vivo NEX 3. So far, the company has confirmed the called “Cascade Screen” in NEX 3 and 3.5mm headphone jack

First real images of Vivo NEX 3

Now, a couple of real images of Vivo NEX 3 They have appeared online. Thanks to this, we can have clear vision of the phone design based on something more than the renders that have been appearing before. The actual image revealed shows the so-called “Waterfall screen" Of the device. However, it seems that the curve is less pronounced than shown in the previous renders.


The images show us that there are still bezels around the screen. This is especially noticeable in the top and bottom frames. The above is somewhat strange, given that the company has been promoting a screen-to-body ratio of almost 100 percent.

- ▷ Real images of Vivo NEX 3 show their "waterfall screen" »- 3

No notch or clipping on screen

But nevertheless, there is no notch or clipping visible on the phone screen. This suggests that the device would have a pop-up front camera. Another option is to end up adopting on-screen camera integrated technology. According to reports, the company has solved the problem of “window effect” facing the camera sensor under the screen, which reduced image quality. Therefore, there is a possibility that we can see this technology in use in the next device Vivo NEX

On the promoted waterfall screen, the screen is displayed curved at its left and right edges. This allows the company to offer a virtually no bevel design on those sides. Many expect the future phone to be equipped with the recently launched Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ eight-core processor.

- ▷ Real images of Vivo NEX 3 show their "waterfall screen" »- 4

It will offer 5G Dual connectivity

Recently, Li Xang shared a partial screenshot from the home screen of the future Vivo NEX 3. This shows two 5G icons in the upper left and upper right corner. This confirms that the NEX 3 will come with support from 5G dual connectivity. That is, it will allow to offer the mentioned connectivity in two SIMs at the same time.

Currently, not much is known about this next smartphone. According to reports, the future experimental terminal of the series Vivo NEX could launch in China next month. In particular, there is no confirmation about the company's launch date so far. It is expected to know more about this phone in the coming weeks.

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