【Android Appblock】 ▷ the app that prevents other apps from distracting you ⛔

by Kelvin
Appblock Android

Do you know an app called AppBlock for Android? For those who have a hard time concentrating, the mobile is a real downfall. It is the most normal thing in the world that when you start studying or working, notifications begin to arrive on your mobile and you end up reading WhatsApps or tweets and wasting precious time.


To prevent this from being a problem, today we present AppBlock Android, an Android app with which to block other applications so they don't bother you.

AppBlock Android, the app that will help you focus

Block notifications and applications with AppBlock

What allows you to do Appblock It is simply blocking certain applications and their notifications for a while. So, for example, you can avoid getting WhatsApp messages or updates from Facebook for a certain period of time. And what can this be interesting for?

Well, mainly to make better use of your study or work time. Being constantly picking up the cell phone to answer messages can cause us to waste time and concentration. And this app can be ideal to increase our productivity.

Android app block

AppBlock how it works on your Android mobile

Once you enter this application, you can make a list of the applications whose notifications you want to temporarily disable.

Therefore, it will not be necessary to deactivate all your notifications, but only those that may end up becoming an important distraction.

【Android Appblock】 ▷ the app that prevents other apps from distracting you ⛔ 1

Don't you trust yourself and think that in a matter of minutes you will deactivate the blocking of your notifications? Easy. You will simply have to add Appblock to the list of blocked applications.

In this way, you will not be able to change the settings of the app until the time you have indicated. In this way, you will no longer have an excuse to waste time while studying or working, because you have been looking at your mobile.

Android App Block video app

Increase your productivity and take advantage of the time

The objective of installing this application on your device is none other than to significantly increase your productivity at work or when studying. The fact of sitting at the table and end up looking at the mobile wasting considerable time, is quite common among teenagers. But among adults it is also quite frequent to end up wasting a lot of important time, which we would need to work.

Download AppBlock Android

This application is completely free, and all you need is a smartphone with Android 4.1 or higher. Therefore, unless you have a very old phone, you should not have problems. It already has more than 1 million users.

If you want to be the following, you can download it in the following link:

AppBlock - Don't get distracted AppBlock - Don't get distracted

Do you have a hard time concentrating when you have to work or study and have your cell phone next to you? Do you think an application like AppBlock can help you focus? We invite you to go through our comments section at the bottom of the page and give us your opinion.

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