【Code 89 Chevrolet Sonic】 Meaning, Causes and Solutions Step by Step Guide 2019

by Kelvin
【Code 89 Chevrolet Sonic】 Meaning, Causes and Solutions ▷ Step by Step Guide ▷ 2019

Chevrolet Sonic is one of the vehicles that had a great success in Chevrolet, since its sporty and striking design led to the success in the same year of being launched, since it appeared in the market in the first instance in 2011 and is known as the successor of Chevrolet Aveo.

Chevrolet Sonic It belongs mainly to two markets, the 2011-2014 version is created in Korea, while from 2015 onwards it belongs to Mexico, causing multiple doubts regarding its quality.


Chevrolet Sonic Error 89 Solution

But some of what many have suffered in the Sonic of any year is the error code 89 that marks the Odometer or dashboard of the car which warns that there is an error in some sensor of the vehicle, next to this error it is likely that turn on the light of CHECK ENGINE, which means we must perform a Scanner to determine the fault.

Whenever any error code happens in the car it is important to perform a scan as much as possible of the brand, since generics are not always accurate and can show another type of failure.

But in the case of Chverolet Sonic error 89 of the panel corresponds to a failure in the cooling system which is directly associated with the thermostat, which may be covered and simply stuck and did not open or close again, so it urgently requires a change since This controls the temperature of the vehicle.

What does Error 89 mean in Chevrolet Sonic and how to remove it

The worst of all is that Chevrolet Sonic does not have a temperature clock to keep an exact control of it, so it is recommended not to use the car while the code 89 is on in the car it is not recommended to use it and less for journeys long

【Code 89 Chevrolet Sonic】 Meaning, Causes and Solutions Step by Step Guide 2019 2

Many owners of Chevrolet Sonic who have made the thermostat change persist with the error, since once this happens it is necessary to erase the code from the computer so there are two ways to do it:

Chevrolet Sonic ERROR 89

  • From the battery: Simply disconnect the positive battery terminal within 5 minutes and then make the connection again where the error code 89 of the Sonic board must be deleted.
  • Via OBD2: Connecting a scanner is easy to eliminate the faults of a vehicle, but it is always recommended to do this in a reliable workshop is a very mild process.

If after seeing the thermostat change and the error code has been erased, it reappears, most likely the thermostat you have purchased is not compatible, so a genuine brand is always recommended.

To avoid this problem of code 89 in a Chevrolet Sonic the most important thing is always to make every 50,000 km traveled the coolant, in the market we can find a great variety, but you must always make sure that it complies with the climatic norms of your country and that Be anti-freezing.

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