【DELETE Requests for Instagram 】 Step by Step Guide 2019

by Kelvin
【 ELIMINAR Solicitudes de Instagram 】▷ Guía Paso a Paso ▷ 2019

Instagram It is one of the most used social networks of recent years, which belongs to the popular application of Facebook, what we already know where its such success comes from, which Instagram In spite of being simple it is the favorite of the people since it allows to upload photos, videos and also the Instagram Stories They last 24 hours.

View and delete submitted requests Instagram

Despite all the functions it has Instagram Some users do not find a way to view and delete requests sent to other users, since many times these can be ignored and sent in the same way.


If you want to review all recently sent follow-up requests and want to delete any or delete all those that are sent without acceptance, we advise you to follow this step-by-step guide that details everything we need to do in case you have several pending requests for acceptance.

To start, the first thing you should do is open your application Instagram and then go to the Configuration, you will find several options including a call Security.

How to delete requests from Instagram

Then you will find a series of options which we will only use the Access to data in which everything related to our account is found, even until the creation date, in order to continue with the explanatory to review all pending requests sent in Instagram that still are not accepted we must press the option called Current Followers Requests, in this you will find a list with all the people to whom you have sent a request and it was not accepted.

【DELETE Requests for Instagram 】 Step by Step Guide 2019 3

You will automatically find all the requests you sent at some time and those that were pending were not accepted.

What comes out when the application is not accepted? Instagram

When the person you are trying to follow does not accept your friend or follow-up request, it is pending, that is, this will always appear at the top, in case the person you sent sent to delete the request will appear again the Follow button.

【DELETE Requests for Instagram 】 Step by Step Guide 2019 4

In case you have any questions or queries regarding how to delete requests for Instagram Leave us a comment.

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