【Mr Wonderful】 ▷ app to create, send original phrases and postcards

by Kelvin
app para crear, enviar frases y postales originales

Are you looking for an app to create, send original phrases and postcards? The brand Mr Wonderful It has become an entire institution. At this point, it is more than likely that you have at home some merchandising of this firm that is characterized by sympathetic and adorable phrases. What you may not know is its Android application.


The application offers you a great selection with the best phrases of the firm to share with other users. You can even customize them to suit the specific person to whom you dedicate it. If you want to know her a little more, we invite you to continue reading.

Mr Wonderful, this is your Android application to create, send original phrases and postcards

Original phrases for WhatsApp or social networks

The highlights of Mr Wonderful's application are the postcards with some of his mythical phrases. You can find hundreds of phrases and original postcards organized by categories. Thus, you can choose between phrases of love, friendship, for the different members of your family …

All phrases are illustrated by the nice drawings that characterize the brand. And they become a pretty fun option to congratulate Mother's Day, Father's Day or the birthday party, saint or make dedications.

【Mr Wonderful】 ▷ app to create, send original phrases and postcards 4

If you wish, you can customize phrases to your liking You can, for example, put the name of the person you want to dedicate to each postcard. In this way, it will not seem that you are sending the typical viral image, but it will be a dedication absolutely thought of in the recipient.

【Mr Wonderful】 ▷ app to create, send original phrases and postcards 5

Share directly from the app

Once you have personalized your postcard, Mr Wonderful's application will give you several options. You can pass it directly through WhatsApp to the interested person. You can also share it on the most popular social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

And finally you will also have the option to save it in the memory of your phone, to decide later what you do with it or simply to have it saved.

【Mr Wonderful】 ▷ app to create, send original phrases and postcards 6

Download Mr Wonderful Android app

Mr Wonderful products are not characterized by being especially cheap. In fact, there are users who even prefer to opt for the hundreds of copies of imitation that we can find everywhere today. However, its Android application is completely free.

Thus, you can find all the original phrases you want at your fingertips, without it being necessary to pay a single cent to personalize and share them.

It is compatible with any mobile you use Android 4.1 or higher, so you should not have problems unless your mobile is very old. You can download it at the following link:

Mr. Wonderful Mr. Wonderful

Do you like Mr Wonderful products? Did you find its application of original phrases to share interesting? A little further down you can find the comments section where you can tell us about this brand and how nice (or not) your Android application is.

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