🔊 Listen to Europa FM live, live from your Radio app

by Kelvin
Escucha Europa FM directo, Live desde su app de Radio

Are you looking for an app to listen to Europe FM direct? EuropaFM is one of the most popular radio stations in our country. This station, belonging to the Atresmedia group, has been climbing positions among listeners, especially young people, until gaining a place in the music scene.


And it is possible that, if you usually listen to music on your Android, you want to enjoy this FM Radio chain.

For this we present your official Android app, where you can listen to both the live radio and its podcasts.

Europa FM direct, listen to your favorite radio station on Android

Europa FM, pop and rock from the 2000s until today

The station specializes in music from 2000 to today. In it you can find all the songs that have swept in the last two decades, both in the genre of pop and rock.

In addition, as usual in music stations, also has humor programs or interviews with artists that are both entertaining, very interesting.

It is a chain specially designed for young people and increasingly, for those not so young.

🔊 Listen to Europa FM live, live from your Radio app 4

Listen to your favorite shows on Android

What this application allows us to listen to all the contents that are broadcast on this radio. You will be able to listen in Europe FM direct, the music that is being broadcast at that time.

And you can also download the podcasts of your favorite shows, to listen to them at the time that suits you best.

🔊 Listen to Europa FM live, live from your Radio app 5

Additional functions of EuropaFM app Android

In addition to the ability to simply listen to your favorite shows, the Europa FM app also has some additional features that can be very interesting. For example, you can check the schedule of the same day or the following days.

Another thing you can do is program the app to start ringing at the time you want it. As for the podcasts, concrete programs are available, but also small fragments of the best moments, which you can enjoy when you don't have much time.

🔊 Listen to Europa FM live, live from your Radio app 6

Download the Europa FM Android app

The application is completely free, and compatible with any smartphone that has Android 4.1 or higher. Therefore, unless you have a very old device, you can enjoy Europe FM on your smartphone without problems. Although some users have reported small operational problems, there are already more than 700,000 people who use it.

If you want to be the following, you can download it in the following link:

Do you listen to Europa FM directly with your Android app? Have you ever used your mobile application? We invite you to go through the comments section that you can find after this text and tell us your impressions about the popular radio station or its mobile app.