🥇 How to know the birthday date by RUT 🎂

by Kelvin
? How to know the birthday date by RUT ?

The birthday date is something that many users want to know. Most forget important dates like these, but there is an easy way to know a person's birthday easily and very easily. Here, we will show you easily how to know a person's birthday by RUT, very simply and quickly. Here, we will show you how to get the birthday date by RUT using two very simple ways to apply.


Birth date router

How to know the birthday date by RUT?
The process to obtain the date of birth by RUT is quite simple and consists of two steps; the first is download a Routifier application to obtain information about the person and then consult his birth certificate. To do this follow these steps:

  1. First, they must download the Rutifier application for their cell phone or tablet. To do so, simply follow the steps shown below:
  2. Secondly, they should open the Rutifier application and will find a top bar that indicates two options; the first is to search by name and the other is to search by RUT. If they don't know the person's RUT, they can search by name quickly.
  3. Once you obtain the person's information, take note to obtain the birthday date in the steps shown below.
  4. They should go to Online certificates of the civil registry and request the birth certificate. Enter the email and voila, you can know the birthday of that person.

Search RUT by name Chile

As you can see, obtaining the date of birth of a person is quite simple and all thanks to the application of Router. Undoubtedly, this has been one of the great applications to search for people by name or RUT and the best thing is that it offers the option to delete data. You can use this application to search for people and obtain the necessary information to perform any type of paperwork.

That is all. Now that you know how to get a person's date of birth. What do you think? Do you know a better way to get this data?

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