1 Mosquito Lamp: Beamday SB 60-82 – 2-in-1 Mosquito Killer

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1 Mosquito Lamp: Beamday SB 60-82 - 2-in-1 Mosquito Killer

What is the best mosquito repellent with ali now? Something to lure and destroy. In Chinese stores now in bulk all sorts of anti-mosquito drugs. See for yourself. As usual, with beautiful promo pictures and a dull real state of affairs. I decided to figure out which of the anti-mosquito lamps really work, and which are just fictitious. The hero of this review should lure them with light in a stationary position or mercilessly fry them with electric current in the form of a mobile “racket”.

Whoever did not make these repellers and mosquito killers, there is a choice from miserable fix-price crafts to objects of worship of the Red Rabbit. The only question is that sensible information on these devices cannot be dug. In general, I approach this systematically and upon receipt (and should be received 5 pieces different) do reviews and in the end reduce it all to a selection that will include not only what you need to order on aliexpress against mosquitoes, but also what it will be a waste of money.

Therefore, by the way, I would be grateful if you drop me a PM link to these products with a couple of lines of your review. And those that helped, and those that are worth adding to the collection so that others do not pounce with the purchase.

The subject of this review is quite unusual in its form factor. As a rule, aka mosqito zapper mosquito lamp works in a stationary form (it glows and fry mosquitoes with current or does not allow them to get out of the trap). But there is still a rare type of a sort of "racket" with which you catch an insect in flight. And here the review device should combine both of these functions. What is the result?

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Packaging and appearance

The packaging is pretty good. I, frankly, expected the worst. As far as I understand, Beamday is a pocket-sized, Gearbest OEM brand and corporate standards of the store require some minimum of presentability. Here the latter is even above the minimum. No chic, but neat and not basement. But the packaging was better. Since there are empty places in the corners inside the box, it was jammed there.

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The kit is modest, but here all that is needed: the lamp itself, a charging cable and a manual. Add it could be a penny power supply.

Well, here is the device. The dimensions in the stationary state are quite comparable with the A4 sheet. This mosquito lamp looks quite good for itself and that looks like that to the touch does not leave a feeling of basement. Casting plastic without defects, he himself, as he just mentioned, is not a basement to the touch. In short, at the stage of the initial inspection – everything is in order and quite decent.

Actually, this mosquito lamp device consists of an external casing into which a “racket” with a live grid is inserted.

At the bottom, extendable legs and switch off-on.

Below is a micro-USB connector. Consumption in the stationary mode is about 0.4A. (In the photo a little less, the charge current has decreased since the battery is already partially charged)

On both sides, in the middle below is the “pupil” of the photocell, which includes blue light attracting mosquitoes.

Contacts through which the racket battery is charged

A suspension and a movable lid, during rotation of which the pegs are fixed, fixing the "racket" in the base. Actually, the icons with the lock make it clear what is happening here. In fact, the device is so simple that the dog needs the fifth wheel here, and so everything is clear.

Button for applying current to the grid. This button is needed when the lamp from mosquitoes is in the mobile form of “racket”. Of course, the constant supply of current in such a form isolated from the current source would quickly discharge the battery, so it is reasonable to make a button. You hold and apply current to the grid, catch the flying creature on the “racket”, fry it and release the button. Everything.Accordingly, in stationary mode, the backlight only works with external power from a power bank or outlet.

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Of course, in this situation, it is necessary to reliably isolate the killer conductive elements from accidental contact. And then all the rules. The live parts (fine mesh) are surrounded by an additional mesh with a larger cell size (this is in the “racket” itself) and to the heap is still a plastic mesh in a stationary form. In each of the cases, one must consciously and effortfully dig through one's path to the electric shock. My young recklessness left in the wake of the years, so I did not bother to shove my little finger in order to please the curiosity of the readers. Although, time will tell, maybe I will supplement the review.

Actually, the latter is on top, where the handle of the “racket” expands, LEDs are installed. They should (at this stage of the review correctly operate with probability categories) emit a cherished wavelength beckoning mosquitoes. And as ideally it should be – the street light goes out, the LEDs light up immediately, the mosquito loses its mind and fry on the grid. And how is it in real life? Let's check.

Well, I have in my country house the coveted place of a mosquito party. They swirl there even during the day. A great place to check the lamp operation in its mobile form. I hold the buttons and start swinging diligently. It grabs a short touch and the insect either falls down or gets stuck in the cells.

In principle, you can catch and fry them, but it makes no sense. New ones fly up. And in the room to chase after them is much more convenient, and perhaps the fly can also be numbed. They have not yet flown, I can’t check.

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And here is the night mode. Everything is simple here: I put the paverbank on a sheet of white paper and leave it for the night. Ta-dam … not a damn thing, well, more precisely how. A pair of corpses of crazy insects settled on the grid, but I attribute their death solely to the fact that in the total distribution of mosquitoes per unit volume of air, some part falls to the place where the lamp itself stands.

Here in the middle of the video review there is a short pursuit of a mosquito in the room.

General impressions.

This mosquito lamp only works partly and not in lamp format. You can chase insects with a “racket”, which is convenient during the day when you need to clean the bedroom or kitchen from the same flies or mosquitoes. You can leave it overnight and be left without a catch.

Yes, in a stationary position, it shines rather dimly and can be used as a night lamp.

Well, that’s all, I think you already understood everything for yourself)

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