10 notes apps

by Kelvin

We have all needed to write down something important so that we do not forget and can remember it after a few minutes or days. Well, from the smartphone world we facilitate life in this aspect and that is why today we present the 10 notes apps that can best adapt to you.

Before we had our smartphone (and we still do) we were leaving papers around the house to remember what was important or necessary. Now we have this same possibility, but in the smartphone and in a more comfortable and precise way.


But let's leave preambles and let's see the most interesting apps to replace paper post-it.

Google Keep

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Google Keep is one of the best known apps of this type today. It stands out for its versatility and an extremely simple interface of driving

With it we can:

  1. See notes as if they were adhesives.
  2. We can anchor a list at the top of the screen.
  3. Can be add voice memos, photos from the gallery or directly from the camera.
  4. Can be share our notes.
  5. The notes can be put in different colors or different types of labels.

All this with a good integration in other Google apps, such as Gmail mail on the desktop, which places Keep in the sidebar as a widget.

  1. Download Google Keep for Android

download "class =" lazyload

  1. Download Google Keep for iOS

download "class =" lazyload

Color Note

Image - 10 notes apps

In this list of apps you could not miss ColorNote, the most downloaded in the Google Play Store of Android in its category.

Is a free application and very easy to handle with an extremely simple interface that allows us to:

  1. Put notes and lists of notes.
  2. Protect password notes so that nobody can modify them.
  3. Change the color of the notes or sync them.

What we will not be able to do is incorporate photos, since it only allows written text. In addition, it is only available for Android.

  1. Download ColorNote for Android

download "class =" lazyload


Image - 10 notes apps

Evernote had to be in this list of apps for notes since we can consider it as the most famous of all applications that we are going to present to you

We have multiple options of which some are:

  1. Change color and aesthetics The notes according to our needs.
  2. To attach audio notes.
  3. to write notes or notes with your finger No need to use the keyboard.
  4. Scan documents.
  5. Incorporate photos.

All that we can do for free with the limitation of two synchronized devices and that our notes do not exceed 60 MB per month. To remove such limitations we will have to pay monthly.

  1. Download Evernote for Android

download "class =" lazyload

  1. Download Evernote for iOS

download "class =" lazyload


Image - 10 notes apps

Microsoft also has a place in our list of apps with the popular OneNote.

It is an application in which we can:

  1. Create notes of different colors.
  2. We will be able attach photos.
  3. We will create note lists.
  4. We can incorporate audio, even from our smartwatch.
  5. Our notes may be password protected.
  6. It allows create notes by typing or drawing.

Like many of these apps, OneNote is free, and also has a program for Windows which is integrated into Office.

  1. Download OneNote for Android

download "class =" lazyload

  1. Download OneNote for iOS

download "class =" lazyload

Scarlet Notes

Image - 10 notes apps
It is the application, of this list of apps, with a distinct and more minimalist design of the ones we've seen so far.

With Scarlet Notes we can, among other things:

  1. Change of Color the notes.
  2. Block certain password notes.
  3. Create reminders of our notes.
  4. Place audio in the notes.
  5. Add labels to notes.
  6. Sync to the cloud own app.

In this case, it is one of the apps that only has a version for the Google operating system.

  1. Download Scarlet Notes for Android.

download "class =" lazyload


Image - 10 notes apps

We also had to incorporate Quip into this list of apps. An application very simple in its design, but with very interesting options such as:

  1. Organize our homework notes.
  2. Share them with other users through his internal chat.
  3. We can attach images.
  4. Also leaves change the color and format of the notes.
  5. It allows create tables.

We have the Quip apps available for the two important mobile platforms today.

  1. Download Quip for Android

download "class =" lazyload

  1. Download Quip for iOS

download "class =" lazyload

InkPad Notepad

Image - 10 notes apps

InkPad Notepad is one of the simplest apps that we are presenting. Imitate a paper notebook in your design and in its functions simplicity also prevails, since we can:

  1. Drink notes on each page that emulates.
  2. It allows create task list.
  3. In addition, we can configure it to create a Shopping list.
  4. We can also change colors.

Is a free application but why € 2.20 per month you can enjoy it without advertising, without limitation in synchronization and, in addition, you can enter passwords.

  1. Download InkPad Notepad for Android

download "class =" lazyload

  1. Download InkPad Notepad for iOS

download "class =" lazyload


Image - 10 notes apps

Another one of these apps with minimalist design and a bit limited in its functions since we can only:

  1. Create text notes and organize them by tags.
  2. It also has the possibility of synchronize them between different devices.

The good thing about this application is that free and without advertising.

  1. Download Simplenote for Android

download "class =" lazyload

  1. Download Simplenote for iOS

download "class =" lazyload

Adler Notes

Image - 10 notes apps
Adler Notes is an alternative that had to be in this list of apps because of its good design and functionality.

You have multiple options such as:

  1. Anchor a list at the top of the screen.
  2. Add voice memos or photos to our notes.
  3. Also allows share notes.
  4. We can use different colors or labels.

The design of the application is quite intuitive, although at certain times it may be too simple. We can only download it for the Android operating system.

  1. Download Adler Notes for Android

download "class =" lazyload


Image - 10 notes apps

To finalize this list of apps we highlight an application called ClevNote, which is one of the most oriented to everyday tasks.

Thanks to this app we can put reminders such as our credit card number, the shopping list of the day, the birthdays of our friends and family or text notes, but all from one day-to-day oriented interface.

It is free with advertising, but we can remove it if we pay 4.99 euros and is only available for Android.

  1. Download ClevNote for Android

download "class =" lazyload

From now on it will not be necessary to leave post-it scattered around the house since, thanks to the 10 notes apps that we have presented to you, you can remember everything you deem necessary in an easy and intuitive way.

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