Amazon, in collaboration with CEU, the prestigious university institution based in Madrid, has launched a new voice service called Alexa opens CEU. The new service compatible with the Alexa assistant integrates all the necessary services for the ordinary student in the homonymous university.

And it is that thanks to the team cooperation Amazon Web Services (AWS) with CEU directive, it has been possible to deploy a whole service in the cloud oriented to the students and the different activities that they develop within the university center.

Request information related to the center

Among the functions integrated in Alexa opens CEU through Alexa for Education, a command has been enabled with which to request information of any kind related to the center.

Information like library schedule, which teachers teach a certain subject or how to enrolland in new subjects.

Contact the university departments

Contacting the various departments of the university can be a headache for new students and non-Spanish speakers.

Alexa opens CEU allows the sending of emails, among other forms of contact, to all departments that make up the center, such as Secretariat, Concierge or Library.

Reserve a library classroom

Along with the possibility of contacting the different departments of the university also We can book a classroom in the library or schedule an appointment with a certain department from the center.

Or enroll in new courses and subjects

Enrolling in a new course or subject is now available to anyone through a simple command.

alexa opens ceu 2

As the development team has detailed in the press conference, Alexa will store our email address in the university database automatically to request the registration when the registration period is open to the public.

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Search the location of a classroom

The university can sometimes be overwhelming in size and difficulty. Therefore, Alexa opens CEU has implemented a virtual map with which we can access the information of any classroom or department. Finding the library is now a voice command hit.

What classes do I have tomorrow?

The class schedule is another of the features that Alexa includes in its integration with CEU. So that, we can consult the information related to the schedule of the week or a specific day through a simple command.

What activities do I have this afternoon?

Alexa opens CEU is not only compatible with school activities, also with extracurriculars. If we have scheduled an appointment with our Math teacher, Alexa will remind us of the time and the reason for the appointment if we send the question to the assistant.

Create custom reminders, notifications and alerts

Like any good voice assistant worth its salt, Alexa allows creation of personalized reminders and alerts, whether of a school or extracurricular nature.

The operation of this does not differ much from what we can find with Google Assistant or Siri de Apple.

Request information or see the latest news

Another of the functions that despite not being exclusive to Alexa for Education, does have a better integration by being oriented to its use by students. In this case the wizard expands the requested information through the respective command, which also it benefits from the blackboard of the university itself.

Check the semester notes

Although it has not yet been officially implemented in Alexa opens CEU, from the management team it has been announced that it will work on the constant improvement of the program.

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Checking the grades of the semester or of a certain subject is one of the functions discussed, though. At the moment it is unknown when it will finally arrive.

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