10 tech news to get you started for the day (04/25)

by Kelvin
10 tech news to get you started for the day (04/25)

Good Morning! We’ve separated the main news from the world of science and technology so you can start the day with the inside track on everything that happened last Friday (24). To check each news in full, just follow the links.

1. Director of Abin can assume PF; know what the agency does. Abin develops software for various types of demands of the federal government and the area of ​​intelligence. These programs have State encryption, ensuring information security through algorithms that prevent the decryption of transmitted data.

two. You can receive Emergency Assistance at PicPay. This Friday afternoon (24), Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) and the payment application PicPay signed an agreement to accept transfers of emergency aid to accounts registered in the app.


3. What is ‘Open Banking’ and how will it change the Brazilian economy. The implementation of “Open Banking”, which should start in the second half of this year in Brazil, is one of the main initiatives of the Central Bank to modernize our financial system with technology. But what makes such a project so important to the market and society?

4. Microsoft 365: What Changes From Office 365? The two pieces of software, which have become benchmarks in these segments, are now part of Microsoft 365, the new version of Microsoft’s subscription service, released on April 21st.

5. Again: update the Windows 10 generates blue screen and more errors. According to reports found by the SlashGear website, upgraded computers are experiencing frequent total freezes and deletion of personal files.

6. New bug: iPhones crash again when receiving special characters. A Sindhi-related bug, spoken by one of Pakistan’s main ethnic groups, is causing iPhones to crash, rebooting the system.

7. Now you can control how nosy your Google Home is. Google has released an update to the Google Home app that allows you, through a sensitivity slider, to limit what your smart speaker can hear.

8. WhatsApp can earn ads based on data from Facebook. The idea is to insert banners and other forms of advertising on the platform using data from the social network itself Facebook, making the process theoretically less invasive and more accurate.

9. New Razer Blade Stealth 13 has 120 Hz screen and GTX 1650 Ti. Razer has announced two new versions of the Blade Stealth 13 notebook, including a model that features a 13.3” screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate, the fastest ever placed on an ultrabook.

10. Android 11 lets you dismiss any phone notifications. The third trial version allows all mobile notifications to be dismissed, including those that never disappear from the notification bar until an app or service is closed.

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