10 tech news to get you started for the day (07/27)

by Kelvin
10 tech news to get you started for the day (07/27)

Good Morning! We have separated the main news from the world of Science and Technology so you can know everything that happened last Monday (26). To check each news in full, just click on the links below.

1. Windows 11: see the changes from the new previous version of the system. The beta edition of Windows 11 for developers received integration with Teams and design changes.

2. Sony returns to Brazil with headphones in partnership with Multilaser. Products will be imported, will cost between R$ 60 and R$ 2,700 and will arrive this year at Multilaser stores.


3. iPhone is ‘fished’ after spending 8 months at the bottom of a river. A photo stored with the cell phone allowed the fisherman to find the owner of the device, with the help of the Facebook.

4. Skateboard ‘fairy’ Rayssa Leal becomes a web hit with a medal at the Olympics. Netizens celebrated Rayssa’s victory with several memes and even asked for the 13-year-old athlete to be included in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game.

5. Athlete uses The Witcher’s amulet and earns gold at the Olympics. Russian sniper Vitalina Batsarashkina is a well-known fan of the CD Projekt Red game series.

6. Lucifer: Season 6 and final release date revealed; check out! The news was revealed during the Comic Con, held last weekend.

7. Globoplay promises to freeze prices until 2023 and Netflix pins. In provocation, the national streaming platform cited ‘N reasons’ for subscribers to switch service.

8. Fake news scheme about vaccines may involve Brazilian youtuber. Marketing agency tried to hire content producers from around the world to make them badmouth covid-19 vaccines.

9. WhatsApp: HD photo upload arrives in beta version on iOS. New allows WhatsApp users to select the default quality for uploading photos — focusing on data savings or higher fidelity.

10. 1972 MIT thesis update confirms social collapse in 2040. A new study by an accounting firm confirmed MIT’s 1972 prediction of social collapse.