10 tech news to get you started for the day (11/19)

by Kelvin
10 tech news to get you started for the day (11/19)

Good Morning! We have separated the main news from the world of Science and Technology for you to know everything that happened last Wednesday (18th). To check each news in full, just click on the links below.

1. 5 compact electric cars that should arrive in Brazil in 2021. Models such as the VW e-Up!, the Fiat 500e and the electrified MINI are among the most quoted to debut in the national market.

2. The Game Awards 2020: See the GOTY games and nominees list. The time has finally arrived! Game of the Year nominees were revealed and Voxel helped make the list!


3. ‘Jetman’ Vince Reffet dies aged 36 in a jetpack accident. Specialist in jumping and maneuvers with carbon fiber wings passed away at age 36 in Dubai.

4. Brazil has already joined the 2nd wave of covid-19, says researcher. The conclusion that Brazil is already in the second wave of covid-19 is based on a mathematical model that determines the rate of reproduction of the disease.

5. Black Friday Brazil: which iPhone to buy? Take advantage of the Black Friday promotion to secure your new smartphone from Apple.

6. Pfizer launches covid-19 vaccine delivery in the US. Testing of the delivery system will serve as the basis for the international distribution of the immunizing agent.

7. Disney+ debut in Brazil has system crash and complaints. Although Disney+ has been preparing for a year, its debut in Brazil was marked by overloaded access to the system.

8. CoronaVac: first doses arrive in Brazil tomorrow (19), says Doria. The governor of São Paulo confirmed the arrival of vaccines from the Chinese laboratory Sinovac and is awaiting test results.

9. The oldest technology companies in the world. Nokia, Ericsson, Nintendo, GE and AT&T lead the list, all over 100 years old.

10. Disney Plus Brazil: See how to subscribe to Disney streaming. Disney+ Brasil offers a 7-day free period on its platform; see how to sign.

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