10 things you should know about The Outer Worlds for Xbox One

by Kelvin
10 things you should know about The Outer Worlds for Xbox One

On October 25, the expected new Obsidian game, The Outer Worlds, will be released on Xbox One and on Xbox Game Pass. So far we have talked on Xbox Generation of different news about what is expected of one of the most ambitious games that Obsidian has created to date.

In a little over a month the game will be on the market and that is why we want to review some basic tips on what to expect from this open-world action RPG The studio is working to know so that we have the best possible game, so we want to share with you the following data in case you still have doubts about what to expect from a game of this size.


What you should know about The Outer Worlds before its launch

  1. The Outer Worlds is a new shooting and science fiction RPG created by Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division.
  2. As you explore a space colony, the character you decide to be will determine how the story unfolds. In the equation of the corporation's plans for the colony, you are the variable they did not expect.
  3. The Outer Worlds presents a great variety of options with which to develop the game. (Multiple decisions)
  4. Great range of sci-fi combat weapons that you have at your disposal, melee and distance, you can save the pitfalls with a bit of old-style diplomatic verbiage, or even delegate leadership to your teammates.
  5. The character you decide to become will determine the future of the story. The choices you make will have an effect on how the plot develops, the progression of the character, the stories of the teammates and the end-of-game scenarios.
  6. Hero? Villain? ¿Pirado? Your decisions will mark the outcome in this immersive sci-fi RPG for a player.
  7. Factions: As you explore the confines of space and find several different factions, all looking for power.
  8. The Outer Wolrds in a game that focuses on the character's history, and also creates a new and fun universe that players can explore in depth, with humor and action approved by the corporation.
  9. This is your story, choose how you want to face the adventure and do not feel obligated to do anything you do not want. The game will not force you to anything, you choose your path.
  10. Launching on Xbox Game Pass.

Remember, from the next October 25, 2019 available on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass.

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