15 Best Green Screen Apps (Android / Iphone) 2020

15 Best Green Screen Apps (Android / Iphone) 2020 1

Do you love to edit videos on your mobile phone?

Here I choose some essential applications that help you edit your videos like a professional.

These green screen apps help you select your character and replace it with another background.

In days past, everyone used to do these tasks on their smart computers.

But today smartphones are smarter than everything.


You can do any task as you do on PC.

So here is the best green screen app 2020 for you

1Live video recording on green screen. android

    Green screen apps

This appsfresh app gives you the ability to create stunning green screen effects in real time recording.

You can choose from preloaded funds or you can also upload and replace your local fund.

Let's download and give your videos a professional look with this amazing green effects app.

Let's download and explore now

Green screen apps

This Bandongu Tech app provides the best installation to create stunning green screen effects directly from your smartphone.

Just select your video where you want to replace your background.

Set it up on the tripod and start the video recorder.

Now touch the background and select the object that has now become another background.

You can also directly replace the background of the already recorded clip.

Let's start creating amazing green screen videos now.

3Video and green screen effect. android

Green screen apps

This application from developers hari_om. This app contains tons of pre-installed green screen videos like airplane, dog, cat, pubg, pistol and much more.

You can download and use it directly in your video scenes.

All in one best android 2020 green screen video effects app.

Let's download and explore all the best rated green screen videos.

    Android 2020 green screen apps

This kirishnalt tech app brings you the best green screen trending videos from various sources.

Browse and download tons of green effect videos right to your smartphone.

You can also save and share on your smartphone.

Let's download and explore now.

    Android 2020 green screen apps

This haavepaja artificial intelligence app does a great job of creating stunning green screen videos in seconds.

Automatically detects objects and selects them for you.

You can crop it and apply various effects on them.

You can now replace with any background you want.

Both the photo and the video are compatible with this.

Let's get started creating amazing green screen effect videos with it now.

Android 2020 green screen apps

This app again from the developers of hari om.

This application contains a large number of free scene videos.

You will find different different videos for tiktok, whatsapp, instagram and much more.

Predesigned temples that you can edit to your needs.

Car, plane, dogs, animals and all kinds of characters available on green screen, let's download and use for multipurpose editing.

7.Vdo kittec green screen effect android

    Green screen apps

This is another great app for green screen content from kittech developers.

In this application you will find smart content categories.

Everything you need on green screen is here.

Download videos of ecological effects and share them on your WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

Let's download and discover content now.

Green screen apps

This andro dev cafe app gives you the best installation to replace any background with any object.

Just load the green screen video object and replace it with whatever type of background you want.

The application of two combined photos is very easy and simple.

Let's download and create amazing green effect videos with it.

Let's start editing now.

Green screen apps

This app from the developers of apitazone gives you the ability to share all kinds of green effect videos with the community.

All types of different green effect videos can be found here.

Let's discover, download and create awesome videos with it.

Green screen apps

This app also from apitazone this app provides you with all kinds of animals green effect videos.

Here you will find all kinds of animals such as lions, tigers, hourse and many more.

All new animals will be added soon.

This is a very good application for those who want to create animal videos with green effects.

All the elements and videos of green effects for animals can be found here.

Green screen apps

This is another apitazone developer app.

As its name suggests, this application contains all kinds of vehicles with videos of green effects.

Here you will find many types of motor vehicles, such as bicycles, cars, supercars, trains, planes and much more.

Download this app and explore tons of free green screen videos.

    Green screen apps

This app developed by Anderson Lin. This application offers the possibility of using green effects videos on your smartphone.

Upload any video you want to replace with another background.

It also converts and replaces the background in real time.

Just load the video you want to replace with another background.

Automatically syncs the object and replaces it with another background.

One of the best android 2020 green effects video apps.

Green screen apps

This application developed by Run Photo Editor. This app contains different different kinds of green leaf frames that you can use to replace with your original photo.

All the best and best rated green funds you will find in this application

Let's choose it and create stunning green leaf effect photos now.

Green screen apps

This application from the developers of rocketjump. This app is mainly designed for visual effects developers. This application offers you a green screen on your smartphone.

This app also contains a pro version where you can unlock some color features.

This app is a miracle for the movie production team. This app provides a trackable chrome scene.

We are going to download it and use it in your studio now.

Green screen apps

This application developed by applications for mobs. This is such an amazing app that it gives you the ability to create awesome movies like green screen effects.

You can create and replace any object with any object in real time.

This application also has a professional version that unlocks you to discover its full potential. And without watermark and full hd export.

Let's try.


So these are the best green screen video apps for Android / iPhone 2020.

Now choose your favorite app from this list and start editing on your smartphone now.

Choose, edit, replace your character with different backgrounds and different characters.

Easy to remove and replace functions available in these applications.

Just download and start editing on green screen with your smartphone.

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