15 Best Sleep Tracker Apps (Updated 2020 List)

15 Best Sleep Tracker Apps (Updated 2020 List) 1

To achieve a healthy lifestyle, you need to feel rested and comfortable, but there can be many things on your mind that keep you from feeling rested. All of your stress and worries affect your sleep cycle, which can make things more vulnerable for you if you don't take care of yourself enough.

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Your mental health is important, and sleep can help you fight your problems, as your brain needs adequate rest to function efficiently. With the best apps focused on your sleep cycles, you can trust them and rest easy. Today we have selected a list of the best sleep trackers that can control your sleep pattern so you can wake up with a fresh mind.

The best Sleep Tracker applications to control your naps

Let yourself relax a little with these sleep tracking apps that will refresh your mind and make you feel better.

1. Sleep cycle

With Sleep Cycle, you can analyze your sleep routine and monitor your sleep patterns. The app tracks the phase of light sleep mode and wakes you up with soft alarm tones that can range from 5 minutes to 90 minutes until you wake up. The app also records your snoring per day.

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Notable features of the sleep cycle tracking app:

  • Your general health under control through the analysis of your sleep pattern;
  • Place your device anywhere near you to record your schedule;
  • Check your sleep statistics and daily sleep chart;
  • Read stories to fall asleep quickly and wake up with soft alarm tones.
  • Download the best sleep cycle app for Android and iOS

    2. White Noise Lite

    Wide noise allows for high-frequency sounds that create an aura around you that helps distract you from any other sounds being produced. With perfectly looped sounds, you can fall asleep and stay asleep as long as you want to have a fresh mind.

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    Notable features of the Wide Noise Lite sleep tracking app:

  • Use other applications while listening to music;
  • Create your own sounds professionally;
  • A full-screen digital clock that's perfect for the nightstand;
  • Mark sounds like your favorite that you can easily access.
  • Download this best dream sounds app for Android and iOS

    3. Calm

    The quiet app provides relaxation to your exhausted brain and mind through meditation and sleep. The app is different from others and features famous artists who tell stories and take you to a dreamland. For people who prioritize mental health, psychologists and therapists recommend this application.

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    Notable features of the best application for a peaceful sleep:

  • Soothing brush stokes the sound of Bob Ross;
  • Read articles on how to release anxiety and depression;
  • Hear dream stories from famous people like Stephen Fry, Matthew McConaughey;
  • Listen to soft music for better focus and sleep.
  • Explore more features: Quiet app review

    Download this best dream sounds app for Android and iOS

    4. Relaxing melodies

    The Relax Melodies app gives you a relaxing musical experience and is an amalgam of sounds, stories and sleep movements that can help you fall asleep quickly. With this app, you can create your own sounds and break free from all the sleepless nights you've been through.

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    Notable features of the best Relax Melodies sleep app:

  • Follow the meditation practices that will guide you to sleep;
  • Carefully crafted ASMR sounds and binaural beats;
  • A large library of stories and sounds that you can choose from;
  • Follow sleep movements by professions to sleep soundly.
  • Download this sleeping app for Android and iOS

    5. Sleep like Android

    This mobile app pleasantly wakes you up from your sleep by intelligently monitoring your sleep schedule. Sleep like Android is compatible with various other devices and has revolutionized contactless ultrasonic sleep tracking that lets you keep your phone out of bed.

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    Notable features of Sleep as Android, sleep monitoring app for Android:

  • Avoid falling asleep by entering fun CAPTCHA codes;
  • Integrated with Spotify and Play music for online alarms;
  • Smart bulb control with Philips HUE or others over IFTTT;
  • Follow your breathing while you sleep.
  • Download the best Android sleep app for Android

    6. wake me up

    The app does not set an alarm and allows you to wake up at your convenience. You just need to add the number of hours you want to sleep and Wake Me Up In will sound the alarm right after the added duration ends. The application has a very simple interface in which you can slide.

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    Notable features of the Wake Me Up In sleeping app for iPhone:

  • Different background to give you an idea of ​​the outside weather;
  • Various correct custom alarm tones;
  • The snooze function works like a standard alarm clock;
  • Add it to your watch Apple and the app will sync to your iPhone.
  • Explore more features: Wake me up in the app review

    Download this iPhone sleeping app for iOS

    7. Pillow

    Pillow an iPhone sleep tracker can be your smart sleep assistant helping you sleep better every day and wake up refreshed in the morning. Record everything you do while you sleep, whether it's sleep apnea, sleep talk, or snoring. With the health metrics of AppleCompare the quality of your sleep.

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    Notable features of the best Pillow sleep monitor app:

  • Track your sleep automatically and switch from automatic to manual;
  • Advanced analysis algorithm base in scientific research;
  • Detailed data on your sleep history based on weeks or months;
  • Record your mood every day when you wake up in the morning.
  • Download this sleep recorder app for iOS

    8. SnoreLab

    If you want to keep track of your snoring then this app is right for you. SnoreLab records your snoring every day and sends you the highlights of your speech via email. It doesn't matter if you purr like a kitten or blow up the whole room, this app will track everything and help you master your habit.

    suspension application for Android "src =" https://www.mobileappdaily.com/public/uploads/mad_9782120597.png "style =" height: 400px; width: 700px

    Notable features of the SnoreLab sleep app for Android:

  • The app tracks your lifestyle factor and how you can improve it;
  • If you are trying home remedies, the app proves its authenticity for you;
  • Useful when you go to medical consultations to find out if you have any symptoms;
  • Record your snoring all night if you ask the app to do it.
  • Download this Android sleeping app Android

    9. Relax and sleep well Hypnosis

    If you want to sleep peacefully, then the Relax & Sleep Well application is suitable for you, since it allows you to access 4 hypnotherapy and free meditation that helps you take a good nap. You can make in-app purchases to tackle other life challenges like phobia, addiction etc. The app is created by Glenn, who makes music with microphones.

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    Notable features of the Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis app:

  • Learn the latest hypnotherapist and meditation techniques;
  • Glenns hypnotic vocal techniques for complete relaxation;
  • Background sound made with specific musical keys to deepen the effect;
  • A guide to self hypnosis.
  • Download the best sleeping apps for Android and iOS

    10. Digipill

    Digipill focuses on your general health and helps you beat insomnia with ease. The guided meditation voice of Brian Colbert, a leading NLP expert and psychoacoustic director at Digipill helps you unlock your subconscious self to change your mood and perception for better sleep.

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    Notable features of the best Digipill sleep tracking app:

  • Download pills and listen to them on your headphones;
  • Find the psychological story behind each pill;
  • Different pills for various moods;
  • Know the duration of each pill and listen to them.
  • Download this guided meditation app for Android and iOS

    11. Noisli

    This application is mainly focused on the sound that should surround you while you want to sleep or just relax. With a colored background, you can go to bed with a fresh mind and, in case you have a headache, these sound waves created by this application can calm you down.

    best sleep sounds app "src =" https://www.mobileappdaily.com/public/uploads/mad_9785ea3687.png "style =" height: 400px; width: 700px

    Notable features of Noisli sound creation app:

  • Create your own sound that suits your situation;
  • Hundreds of relaxing sounds to choose from;
  • Offline access when you don't have an Internet connection;
  • Use other apps while using Noisli and fall asleep.
  • Download this sleeping app for Android and iOS

    12. Sleep time +

    This easy-to-read app doesn't give you a chance to feel bad. Sleep time + uses all the latest generation algorithms to analyze your sleep. You can easily monitor your charts on a daily basis and see if you are doing well. Relaxing soundscapes can help you wake up feeling refreshed.

    sleep monitoring app for Android "src =" https://www.mobileappdaily.com/public/uploads/mad_97868ed024.png "style =" height: 400px; width: 700px

    Notable features of the Sleep Time + app:

  • Detect your pulse after waking up;
  • Choose your favorite song and wake up every day;
  • Your alarm also sounds in silent mode;
  • Over 20 different types of alarms to choose from.
  • Download this best sleep tracking app for Android and iOS

    13. PrimeNap

    PrimeNap is an all-in-one app for your sleep needs, allowing you to do much more than just add alarms and track sleep. The app tracks all your sleep movements to get accurate information about your sleep cycle. You can even use this app in flight mode, which in turn improves your prediction.

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    Notable features of PrimeNap's best Android sleep tracking app:

  • Gradually increase the volume of your alarm;
  • It allows you to export in-app data anywhere;
  • Write your dream journal within the app;
  • Detect your snoring to know the phases of your sleep.
  • Download sleeping apps for Android

    14. good morning

    Wake up feeling more energized every day with the Good Morning app. The app takes your sleep stats seriously and takes everything else into account. Good morning wakes you up in your lightest hour of sleep so you don't wake up from frustration in the morning. With melodious alarm tones, you can start your mornings again.

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    Notable features of the Good Morning Sleep iPhone app:

  • Wake up to your sleep stats every day;
  • Set your own music as an alarm tone;
  • See the weather forecast to plan the day ahead;
  • Create your own playlist to play at night.
  • Download the best sleep tracker for iOS

    15. Pzizz

    Last on the list is the Pzizz app that allows you to focus wisely and is loved by renowned authors like J.K. Rowling The app works on the principle of the latest clinical findings and creates a combination of sound, voice-over, music and more for a perfect playlist for sleeping that changes every night to add variations and not become drab.

    iPhone sleeping app "src =" https://www.mobileappdaily.com/public/uploads/mad_978953c272.png "style =" height: 400px; width: 700px

    Notable features of the Pzizz sleep tracking app:

  • Listen to nap narrations for quick naps;
  • Music specially created to help you focus better;
  • Unique sessions to avoid fatigue;
  • You can customize this app at your convenience.
  • Download the best sleep tracking app for Android and iOS

    To postpone

    These sleeping apps can guide you to have a happy sleep and naps. There are many parts within you that can be cured apart from your sleep problems. Gain better concentration and peace of mind while gaining clarity and closure of your personal self.

    Sleeping is beneficial and can keep multiple health problems at bay. Your incorrect sleep habits can end up harboring various mental health issues that can make you anxious, angry, or stressed, but you don't need to worry as the apps mentioned above can give you rest and mindfulness.

    Fight insomnia well and check out our detailed app reviews for various mobile apps.

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