15 minutes of The Outer Worlds gameplay come to us from the Tokyo Game Show

by Kelvin
10 things you should know about The Outer Worlds for Xbox One

Each study has its strengths and weaknesses. Obsidian, which is no exception, can however be listed as one of the best RPG teams in the world. That said, it must be recognized that at the technical level they are not the most cutting-edge study, and that optimization is usually a weak point in many of their games. Your entry into Microsoft may fix these defects over time, but let's say they are valid concerns regarding The Outer Worlds.

When Microsoft bought Obsidian, about a year ago, those responsible for The Outer Worlds were already with the development more than well advanced, and it is unlikely that the greater abundance of current resources will be noticed too. However, and as we told you a few days ago, the study led by Feargus Urquhart is fully focused on making the title as polished as possible. We must say that the new gamplay of about 40 minutes arrived from Tokyo, confirms this statement halfway.


The Outer Worlds Fluent and without bugs?

Whoever remembers the launch of, on the other hand, magnificent Fallout New Vegas, will know what we mean by these concerns, and yet seen on video the game seems to run the sea of ​​fluid. It is true that in the video you can see below, and although the graphics, design and effects, are at another level (as usual) with respect to New Vegas, facial animations are still debatable.

Nothing happens, The Outer Worlds is still an AA + made by less than a hundred people during much of its development, and it is clear that in a more or less hardcore RPG, animations are not the most important thing either. In any case there is little more than a month to enjoy it, so we wait for the warning that the game is already gold for any moment. Hey, and remember that you will be in Game Pass from day 1.

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