17 absurd application that you can find on Google Play

by Kelvin
17 absurd application that you can find on Google Play

There are exactly 2,991,282 apps on Google Play, according to the Brain app. In a nutshell, you can say that there are applications for everything, and when we say completely everything we say in the most literal sense possible. While Google Play is full of useful apps, productivity tools, and games with console graphics, there are other apps that are, well, a bit more. strange.

We've browsed the darker side, through the far corner of the Android app store, to find the app and collect it in one article. We have found everything, but you better judge yourself.


Hello World app

There are never two English words that mean great triumphs: Hello World is a declaration of intent, a sign that something great is yet to come. Programming is the first thing you learn: a print on the screen "Hello World"; It is also common to display this message when the security of any device, such as a console, is broken. Now, what are the advantages of the application whose main objective is to briefly show "Hello World". You already know the answer. And the funny thing is that the Android application store is full of these very useful applications. Some even charge you for doing nothing.

An example is this Hello World: almost 16 euro to print hello world on screen.

17 absurd application that you can find on Google Play 2

Determination of deposit location

Earth map

In social networks we usually take photos of a monument and find it, also when we are in a restaurant or visit a beautiful place. So why not mark locations every time we do 💩? Said and done: With Poop Map you can find your pine and also your friend's pine. This is a demonstration that even ideas… can be successful on the application form.

Download it from Google Play.

Prank or prank app

Prank app

Google Play Store It has a long history of apps intended to play pranks. From what a broken screen simulates to the viewer turn the cell phone into a lie detector. Some offer a little entertainment, but all agree on how useless they are in the end. And you have to be careful: many are looking for facilities inject ads on the phone.

Some examples:

Vibrator application

Vibrator application

We don't need to argue too much because you can surely imagine what this type of application means. And there are some handheld computers in the store, some of which even promise "magical vibes." We hope that, if installed, the cell phone will be used with the case.

For example, this is a "strong vibrator". The names and the Eggplants Emoji in the screenshot are without a doubt.

Rickroll Random


Imagine that an application that plays the Rick Astley Never myth will perform at random times of the day and at maximum volume. It doesn't make sense, yes, but it's also fun. Meet with the boss, when you sleep or in the library: you never know when your mobile will roll you. This is an application made by Russian roulette.

You can download it from here.

Virtual jewelry with the price of gold.

The absurd jewelry app

A good absurd and expensive example is the jewelry app, a completely useless app that only offers gemstone widgets. There are many examples with prices that reach 349.99 euros, such as this diamond from the developer AppForRich (application for the wealthy). It is only suitable for those who line up and there is nothing more to do than burn money.

Cat thing

Explaining Cat Thing is complicated. Basically, the application consists of buttons that, when pressed, reproduce a man's voice said "meow". Very annoying but also addictive. It has more than 50,000 downloads, although the best are comments:

This is a really annoying app, seemingly emerging from a psychopath's imagination, that includes a grim image of a cat that seems lost, as if a psychopath had extracted the soul of a cat and replaced it with hers.

Download it on Google Play

The present day

Days of the year

Because seeing the calendar is excessive. Dia de La Year is the free application will remind you which day of the 365 days you have your year of life. At the time these lines were written, we were on a daily basis18, just in case someone is missing.

Download it on Google Play


The Hold It Absurd app

You're bored well look how much you are capable hold by pressing a button in Hold It! If you are surprised, you can share the results. Facebook To invite your friends to improve yourself. You must be very bored to accept, but try not to be left out.

Download it on Google Play


(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CIGb1Ti06k (/ embed)

Important application for Turn your enemies into allies. You just need to open it, press the button and let the magic of the monks of the Real Age flow. Ayoyoyo Wololo …

Download it on Google Play

Dog Age Calculator

Old dog

I want to know How old is your dog? In general, the dog's years are assumed to be seven human years, but there are actually other factors that affect, for example, breed. In fact, there are applications that allow you to count them and they are completely free.

Download it on Google Play



The reasons that may make you want to record the dirt and your visit to the bathroom vary, but whatever it is, there is a very comprehensive app that you can use for it. It's about Pooolog and makes it possible add photos, annotations, colors… in short, everything you can imagine.

Download it on Google Play

The last blow

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GP74H0Rv6Hg (/ embed)

Last Hit is a pretty grim app. This is an application that detects bumps, so if you die in a car accident, Automatically play the song you want. To quote the developers, "There is something worse than dying in a car accident. Do it while listening to a reggaeton or a summer song." It is completely free.

Download it on Google Play

Die with me

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XV5z1PRmwU4 (/ embed)

Die With Me is a chat room that you can only access when you have Battery 5% or less. The idea is that you can share the last moments of the life of your cell phone with other users who are in the same situation. Its value is 0.99 euros and it has more than 10,000 downloads.

Download it on Google Play



There's really nothing, zero, absolutely useless. However, it has successfully exceeded one million downloads. Here is one of the many comments you have:

"When I type 'nothing' in the search engine, I just want to find an app to see how bad Google Play is, but folks, after five months in an emotional trance, I can say I've seen the full meaning of life and the universe. You ordinary people do not understand what happens after the download button, it is like touching the face of Jesus, it is like a small separation between life and death. It is very beautiful. "

Download it on Google Play


(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9EmR-6S54k (/ embed)

Tools same but with black screen. It doesn't do anything either, but it does have a nine-minute video summary worth watching to the end.

"Only a black screen appears": comments from users who rate the applications with stars.

Download it on Google Play

Reiki chargers


We close with one of the most useless and absurd Google Play applications: Reiki Charger. We talked about it at the time and this is an app that "uses sensors on your cell phone to channel the vital energy that naturally radiates from your hands into energy for your cell phone battery." Spoilers: do nothing, but the comments are amazing.

"Great, but when I'm charging my cell phone for a few minutes where I see results, a kind of dimensional portal opens and my cell phone is sucked into it, is there a guarantee or a way to get my cell phone back? Also from there when there have been strange noises playing in my house and everyone in it has seen strange shadows, is that related? "

Download it on Google Play

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