1st beta of Tesla Autopilot 100% autonomous is coming

by Kelvin
1st beta of Tesla Autopilot 100% autonomous is coming

The 100% standalone version of Tesla Autopilot will receive a trial edition shortly. During the Battery Day 2020 event, Elon Musk said the carmaker is already preparing a beta for the function, which will be released to the public in approximately a month.

According to the commander of Tesla, the public does not have a clear notion of the evolution of Autopilot, but the great advance in the development of the technology will be presented soon. In fact, Elon Musk said that he is already testing the new edition of the program.

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“I’m driving a state-of-the-art alpha version of Autopilot, so I have an idea of ​​what’s to come,” revealed the executive. Despite the name of the function, the current public edition of the software only serves as a driving assistance and should not be used to guide the vehicle without the assistance of a driver, which can lead to accidents.

New mode of operation

According to the Tesla executive, the more robust version of Autopilot will bring a different method of mapping that promises to improve the functioning of the software. According to Musk, the new edition of Autopilot uses an updated way to identify objects, which will ensure more accurate results.

“We had to rewrite the fundamentals of the entire Autopilot software,” said Musk. “We are now labeling 3D video, which is very different from when we were labeling plain 2D images.” According to the executive, the system now works with entire video segments, capturing data from all cameras simultaneously.

“The sophistication of the car’s neural network and the overall logic of the vehicle’s system has been dramatically improved,” said Elon Musk. The Tesla commander said the tests will help the public understand the “magnitude” of the changes brought about in the new Autopilot.

Despite revealing that the new edition of the software will be released in the coming months, Musk has not provided a precise launch window for the technology. In addition, the company did not say who will be the first consumers to have access to the new Autopilot.

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