2 million people want to go to Area 51, but you shouldn't


“We met in Area 51 Alien Center, (tourist shop near the military complex), and we coordinate our tickets. If we run like Naruto, we can move faster than bullets. Let's look at the alien. "

This is the description of the event in Facebook On September 20, there were more than two million people who said they would leave, plus 1.4 million more who marked it as "I'm interested."


A few days ago we laughed, the event was false, satire, but now there are so many people interested that Roswell, a mythical city near Area 51, will be filled with thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands) of people that day.

Anyone can visit an area that is relatively close to the military territory, but the points near the private perimeter are full of posters showing pass restrictions or photos

CNN Travel has issued a warning, in a joking tone that is less than most related news, for those who intend to leave: without space. Hotel and motel occupancy rates in this area are 100%. Furthermore, there is not a single service station that can supply what appears to be thousands of cars arriving in the area.

External jokes or lack of work and space in the sleeping area before or after September 20, the day of the event, you better not go. United States Armed Forces, through its spokesperson, Laura McAndrews, in an interview in Washington Post, asked people not to come near Area 51. "The Air Force will always be ready to protect the United States and its assets."

Anyone can visit areas that are relatively close to military territory, but points near the private perimeter are filled with signs showing entry restrictions or photos, with jail time or fines. 1,000. It was even warned that "the use of lethal force was authorized." Therefore, it is better to avoid bad times, so to speak.

He Area 51 —Officially known as Nevada Groom Lake Training and Testing Ground– They are a facility located about 130 kilometers from Las Vegas that has a large military airfield. The activity is unofficial, but unclassified documents show it to be a research and development site where tests are conducted with experimental aircraft. Contrary to what many believe, it is not a secret base, its location is known and public. What is not known is what happens inside.

He Area 51 It has been the subject of countless conspiracy theories related to UFO phenomena. The most famous untested case is an examination of suspected spacecraft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, and a passenger study.

The event, with two million confirmed participants, has launched all kinds memes on the internet and social networks, how could it be missing? And although we wait 20 September comes and passes without sadness or glory, without life to regret, we appreciate the humor that has been generated.

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