2 Ways to Download Free Journals Online, Very Easy!

by Kelvin
2 Ways to Download Free Journals Online, Very Easy!

When you are studying at an intermediate level or even university, research will be familiar. This is because research is one of the tri satya in tertiary institutions. Research is one of the fields carried out in tertiary institutions.

No wonder so many studies are found various journals and references needed to support the research. so that the journals published by other researchers can increase the value of the research being carried out, because it is rich in more complex insights and knowledge.


The research journal consists of various versions, both paid and free, so that anyone can access them. This research journal can help you work on and gain new insights related to the topic you are looking for.

How to Download a Free Journal for Beginners

To facilitate you in searching research journals, here are the steps or how to download free journals to support your research:

Method 1: By Utilizing Open Access in Science Direct

Science Direct is a publisher of research journals and papers at the international level. One method that can be used to gain access to international journals for free or unpaid fees is to utilize open access journals owned by Science Direct. Here are the detailed steps you can take to get a reference journal:

1. Make sure your device is connected to the internet. You can use any device, be it a computer, laptop, smartphone or even tablet.

2. Access the science direct site on sciencedirect.com

How to Download a Free Journal Through a Sciencedirect Site

3. You will find columns that you can use to search for journals, by entering keywords according to their place

4. You do not have to fill in keywords in all search fields, you can enter only the required fields, according to your needs

5. When the keyword has been entered, click the search button or press enter

Fill in the sciencedirect keyword

6. Then the research journal or paper will appear relevant to the keywords you are looking for

7. Select the required journal or paper

Select the sciencedirect journal

8. Check the top left of the journal, if there is a description download full text in pdf or Download PDF, then the journal / paper can be downloaded for free

Check Open access

9. To download, you only need to click on the description download full text in pdf or Download PDF and will go to the pdf preview page and you can download it

free journal downloads

Method 2: Using the Genesis: Scientific Articles Library

In addition to utilizing open access research journals or free, you can also download other journals. The media used is to use Genesis Library which focuses on science articles. The following are the steps:

1. Make sure the device is connected to the internet

2. Access the genesis library site at ge.lib.rus.ec/scimag/

3. When the site is successfully accessed, you will see the main page display of the genesis libraryHow to Download a Free Journal Easily

4. There is one column that can be used to enter journal keywords

5. Enter the journal keywords that are searched for in that column, and click the search button

2 Ways to Download Free Journals Online, Very Easy! 2

6. Next will appear various journals that are relevant to the keywords you enter

The relevant lib.gen journal

7. Select the journal you want

8. Then, a page will appear containing information related to the selected journal

Select source download libgen

9. You can download through several alternative download sites provided

download the libgen journal

Information about how to download a free journal can help you easily find the reference journal you need.

You can get various journals according to your needs and various categories of journals that you need. By reading a variety of journals, you can gain perspective, insights and new knowledge about the topic you are looking for. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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