2021 Olympics: Discover 7 Exercise Products

by Kelvin
2021 Olympics: Discover 7 Exercise Products

The practice of physical exercise is ideal for those who want to maintain or start a healthier lifestyle. Sports improve muscle conditioning, benefit the heart and lungs, and bring about many positive changes in the body. With the start of the Olympic Games, it is not uncommon to feel drawn to start a new sport or at least to exercise more often

With that in mind, if this year’s Olympics left you excited to practice new sports, we selected a few different sports products that are cost-effective and can be great allies in your physical exercises:

Size adjustable PVC jump rope, Muvin

13% off

With a maximum length of 3.15 meters, the Muvin Jump Rope works for men, women and children, as you just measure the ideal size for you and adjust. Available in several colors: Black, Pink or Blue


BRL 23.90

Jumping rope is one of the most complete physical exercises, practical to be performed and very low cost. This Muvin rope is intended for all audiences, from adults to children, as it has an adjustable size according to need and can be stored and transported in any bag or backpack. Made of PVC material, the rope is light and resistant, with handles made of polyethylene, and can be used on various surfaces, such as asphalt, sand and grass.

Boxing Gloves, Everlast

Updated Evershield design for advanced wrist protection with Velcro closure.

The Everlast Elite Pro Style boxing glove is very cost-effective for those who want to train with a quality product. Offering plenty of durability without losing comfort, the Everlast Elite Pro Style boxing glove combines a premium synthetic leather frame with a full-mesh palm. On the wrist, the adjustment is secure due to the velcro closure that protects and gives firmness during movements.

Skate Longboard Urban Sand, Atrio

Imported ABEC 7 bearing, ensuring more speed.

For those who got excited watching skateboarding at the Olympics, the Atro Longboard Urban Sand can be a good tool to practice a sport on wheels. Unlike traditional skateboarding, Longboard is bigger, more stable and faster, with less focus on jumping and maneuvering. The Urban Sand has a 9-layer wooden shape and a non-slip base, which helps the user to stay on the skateboard. The ABEC 7 Imported bearing guarantees more speed and stability for high speeds on descents and flat places.

Bicycle Aro 29, Caloi Velox

Ideal touring bike for those who want to enjoy leisurely rides in parks or cycle lanes with the benefits of a 29 rim.

Caloi Velox is a great bike for those who want to enjoy leisure on rides and also for those who want to ride long distances. The frame is made of tough steel, providing durability to the bike. The tires have a 29 rim and the brake is aluminum V-brake, ideal to control the 21 speeds that the bike can provide. The Velox hoop 29 is intended for people from 1.70m, weighing up to 100kg.

Playoff IX Basketball Ball, Penalty

Thermoset Ceiling System, 6D chamber.

Penalty’s Playoff IX is a traditional basketball with 75 centimeters in diameter, made with rubber material. It has a Thermoset Lining System and a 6D chamber, which ensure uniformity and stability of the ball, increasing its resistance when meeting surfaces.

Wilson Wood Racket Frescobol Kit

10% off

Sports kit for playing paddleball.

BRL 55.71

Frescobol is typical of beaches, but it can also be practiced in other places, such as parks and fields. This kit from Wilson, one of the most popular brands in racket sports, comes with two rackets and a ball. The rackets are made of pine wood, resistant and durable, and the handle is rubberized to provide a better grip and firmness when playing. The kit also comes with a bag for storage and transport.

Surfboard Softboard Taruga Surf

Softboard surfboard

Surfing also drew a lot of attention at the Olympic Games. If you want to get started, the Taruga Surf Softboard Surfboard is indicated for those who want to start practicing the sport on waves. It has a specially designed learning design, with a soft coating that prevents accidents and makes the product considerably cheaper than fiber boards. This surfboard provides greater stability and buoyancy.