23 new tweaks for iPhone with Jailbreak available on Cydia

by Kelvin
23 new tweaks for iPhone with Jailbreak available on Cydia 1

Available in Cydia 23 new tweaks for iPhone and iPad with iOS 8 and the Jailbreak

As we know, tweaks are a fundamental part of Jailbreak devices. As for the amount of new tweaks released during the last days, apparently the developers have significantly lowered the pace of production or development, at least compared to the previous weeks. A reference to this is that more than 30 tweaks had been released during the last two weeks.

23 new tweaks for iPhone with Jailbreak available on Cydia 2

List of new Tweaks, free and paid, available on Cydia

As mentioned, the last few days have been much quieter, which does not mean that they have not stopped producing Tweaks for iPhone and iPad with Jailbreak. Despite the decrease in the number of new tweaks available through Cydia, below we will leave you with a list of the 23 new tweaks, free and paid, for devices with Jailbreak.

  • Artless: Hide the cover of the song that is playing from the lock screen (free)
  • BetterDelete: Provide more details about the applications you are about to delete (free)
  • Call Enhancer: Add a couple of interesting features to the Phone app (free)
  • ClearNotificationButtons: Makes the notifications slider on the lock screen and in the Notification Center clean (free)
  • CopyCurrentPlaying: copy the data of the last song to the clipboard (free)
  • Dank meme: Remove the mentions in the application of Twitter (free)
  • Ember: an extension for the Tinder application ($ 1.99)
  • Envelope: allows you to configure fast responses natively for the Telegram messaging application ($ 1.49)
  • NCBrowser 8: Includes a web browser for the Notification Center ($ 2.99)
  • NCIfNeeded: Open the Notification Center to the corresponding section, based on notifications (free)
  • NoAppStoreRedirect: Block automatic redirects to the App Store, the app store of Apple (free)
  • Pasithea: Save and manage the history of the text we copy ($ 1.99)
  • SafariAlwaysPrivate8: In this way Safari is forced to always navigate in private mode (free)
  • Search Widget: Includes a Google search widget for iPhone and iPad ($ 1.50)
  • See Tweets From People Who Blocked You: as the name implies, this tweak lets us see the tweets of the people who have blocked us (free)
  • Setpan: Adjust the audio slider in the audio settings in Accessibility (free)
  • ShowSongMetadata: View song metadata directly from the Music application (free)
  • SimpleCCMedia: Hide music controls in the Control Center when music is not playing (free)
  • Snapi: Add several features to Snapchat ($ 1.99)
  • SwipeButtonColor: Customize the color and shape of the notification banner on the screen and in the Notification Center (free)
  • Tweet2Safari: Open the links of Tweetbot or other applications of Twitter in Safari (free)
  • I came12s: Record videos up to 12 seconds for Vine (free)
  • WidgetWeather2: Add a weather widget on the lock screen (free)

Of course, to be able to install these tweaks it is necessary to have an internet connection to download the packages and have a device with Jailbreak. If you have not already done so and are interested, we recommend that you take a look at our guide for Jailbreak iPhone with iOS 8 from Mac and Windows.

Be sure to tell us which of these new tweaks for iPhone and iPad with Jailbreak They seem more interesting to you.

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