24 of the most dangerous applications you should remove from your mobile


Android is the most widely used cellular operating system in the worldBecause virtually every major cell phone company will combine it, allowing millions of people to use it. This breadth of scope is also the perfect opportunity for copyright holders to test looking for vulnerabilities so that they can send us various types of malware The application is hidden inside.

There are many opportunities that we have told you about Android malware, such as the so-called Joker, one of the most dangerous. Today we will talk 24 popular apps with malware included and that you should delete your phone immediately if one is installed.


Infected applications can compromise a user's personal data.

According to a VPNpro report, the Chinese company Shenzhen Hawk (a subsidiary of the giant TLC) is behind development of 24 applications with more than 382 million downloads, including malware, spyware and rogueware inside, apart from requiring an approximate permission to be used without any relation to the use that will be given to the application.

This application performs malicious actions such as collecting data from millions of users to send them to servers in China, Subscribe users to Premium phone numbers or open a hidden browser window by automatically clicking on ads on certain pages.

A list of 24 infected applications is as follows:

  • Explore music
  • File manager
  • World zoo
  • Puzzle box
  • Word Crossy!
  • Soccer pinball
  • Say that
  • Laser break
  • Voice recorder
  • Joy Launcher
  • Turbo browser
  • Weather forecast
  • Lite Calendar
  • Candy Selfie Camera
  • Private browser
  • The word destroy
  • Super clean
  • Super battery
  • Clean master
  • Candy gallery
  • Virus Cleaner 2019
  • Hello security 2019
  • Hello VPN, free VPN
  • Hello VPN Pro

All of these applications are still infected. They are available to download from Google Play, and according to an investigation carried out by VPNpro, they have revealed that they too asking for many dangerous permits how to make calls, take photos, record videos, record audio … and that can jeopardize the user's personal data. Because of this, and because Google has not been able to remove this app from the store for now, they recommend that unless you actually have to install it. this application was removed as soon as possible

24 infected applications

Always be careful with app permissions

Even if you don't have one of these apps installed, it is always recommended extreme precautions when installing an application that can ask us for permission for something that has nothing to do with your activity. In addition, we can also verify from our Cell Phone Permissions Manager that the application has given access to various parts of our cell phone, so that we can verify that the application can access functions such as our contacts, messages, cameras or microphones.

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