3 apps to get the most original stories from Instagram

by Kelvin
Instagram  already let use filters in live videos: so you can put

In Instagram We upload videos and photos daily and strive to make content attractive and really beautiful. But if you want to succeed and have the more original and fun stories, There are some very useful and easy to use applications that will make you an influencer in a few steps and without being an expert.


Applications that will allow you to make different stories with phrases and photos, organize collages with several images at once or to add inspirational text and quotes.

Canva is one of the applications of greatest success of recent times and not only will it allow you to make original stories for Instagram It is an editor with templates of all kinds. You can use it to make covers for Facebook, to create personalized invitations, congratulations or even posts for Twitter, Pinterest or for your own feed of Instagram. It is free and has many templates available, pre-terminated text boxes that you can use, backgrounds, stickers and all kinds of elements to be original and succeed in Instagram Stories

Canva allows you to make stories and regular publications of Instagram, it allows you add text to images, add all kinds of graphics or create any content you need. Also, if you use the premium version you will have a huge number of templates that will make you look like a true design expert.


If you are one of those who upload food photos, the Foodie app has a smart feature that It will help you make the perfect photo. For ice cream, for sushi, to record that you are a true foodie and that others feel envious. The application is very complete and it is a camera app that will edit the settings and the filters to present in a more attractive way anything you are eating. Whatever it is, you can transform it into something even more appetizing.

StoryArt is another application with more than 1000 templates available for Instagram Stories with all kinds of texts, images, stickers, collages. You can use the templates you like and customize them to the fullest with all kinds of designs and colors. You can create spectacular stories for Instagram with all the filters it allows you, the editing tools or the possibility of Add text with many different fonts. It is a very useful application with more than one million downloads on Google Play and is another of the best options if you are looking to be original.


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