3 Best Apps: save your Personal Notebook on your Android or iPhone

by Kelvin

Whether to bring a record any activity or to reflect, our mobile phones will be our best ally when we install this app to own it digital newspapers.

Some applications allow additions pictures, videos and also import content from Instagraminner notes Audio, locations and activities physical. Everything is content that you can build productively various journals and labels for each topic or activity. For security don't worry because the application has security Lock PIN or unlock face if your cell phone is compatible.


DayOne – The most complete diary

If you are a fan of writing everyday things that happen to you, with this app you will be able to categorize the things or thoughts you have throughout the day. Keep a record of your daily activities, thoughts or activities that you want to remember forever and just for you.

  • Support: Add audio, video, photo, weather, pictures, scans, sports activities, music, and places on the map.
  • Organization: Various Journals, labels, favorites, templates and text formatting in bullets, checklists, codes, comments, line breaks and diagrams.
  • Synchronization: Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Web, Windows, Apple Watch.
  • Price: Free and Premium from $ 2, 99 / Month
  • Get it: Android | iPhone or iPad

Diary: Travel

Use the calendar interface to automatically add moments from day to day, including photos, locations using google maps, and weather.

  • Organization: Tags, Markdown format (Blogging), mood boards.
  • Synchronization: Android, Chrome, Windows, Mac and iOS.
  • Price: Free and Premium subscriptions of $ 2, 99 / Month or $ 35 / year
  • Get it: Android | iPhone

Diary – Mood Diary

Personal diary

Record all the emotions you have for a day without having to write a single word. The app focuses on the emotions your mood selects and the things you have done with the PIN lock.

  • Organization: mood and emotion icons by registering in your calendar and state statistics.
  • Get it: Android | iPhone