3 easy steps to watch your favorite UK sports channel

by Kelvin
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Sports are fun activities that people from all over the world do and watch. People love sports because they are exciting, enjoyable, and a great way to bond.

Sports fans are always looking forward to match day – the time when they can watch their favorites play live if they are in the stadium or arena. If this is not the case, they better hope that the sports channel is showing the game or the radio station has reported it. However, what if you’re on a road trip across the country and don’t know how to watch the game?


In this article, you will learn 3 easy steps on how to watch your favorite sports channel whenever a match is approaching.

1. ESPN +

ESPN + is the official streaming service for ESPN. Fortunately, it is only available in the UK. You can find most of your favorite sports shows on their website. However, you need to subscribe to get full access. You can choose from two plans: the monthly plan for $ 5.99 or the annual plan for $ 59.99. The choice of a plan depends on how much you are willing to invest in it.

What if you are far from the UK and need to watch a game? You are trying to access the site, but it won’t load. What you can do is download a VPN and use it to quickly change your location. If you’re unsure of the best VPN service, VPNBrains.com can recommend a really good VPN to help you bypass geoblocks and unblock your website in comfort. The VPN will redirect your IP address, allowing you to surf the Internet as if you were still in the UK.

There are several VPNs to choose from that will let you watch what you want from anywhere, such as NordVPN with 3000+ servers and ExpressVPN. These paid VPNs also have the bonus of not storing your data, so they are much safer to use.

There are also lists of free VPNs available. However, the free versions come with limited server capabilities, data limits, and slower speeds, which will make your user interface less friendly.


You can watch your favorite sports on Sky Sports without a contract by subscribing to the NOW TV Sports Pass. Sky Sports continues to be the UK’s largest sports TV channel. They have the right to broadcast more English Premier League (Premier League) games than any other broadcaster, including all classic matches and football slots on Monday / Friday. If you want to chill out on the weekend, they are your best bet.

The Carabao Cup and English Football League are also exclusively available to watch live on Sky Sports, and it is also the only venue to watch live Scottish Premier League (SPL) matches.

To enjoy sports shows on Sky Sports, it is recommended that you buy tickets NOW. NOW TV offers a variety of Sky Sports subscriptions ranging from £ 5.99 to under £ 40.00. You only need to pay using your preferred payment method. Once this is done, stay up to date with the latest news.

You can get membership discounts NOW by purchasing passes through third party sites offering discounts such as CDKeys (usually for existing customers only).

3. BT Sport

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BT Sport has exclusive rights to show the Champions League and European League in the UK and will show every game of both competitions. BT Sport also features over 40 English Premier League games and additional live encounters from the first round of the FA Cup to the final.

All you have to do is subscribe to channels through your TV provider to access the BT sports app.

Sign up to BT Broadband and get access to BT Sport for just £ 5 a month. With access to over 40 Premier League matches and hundreds of live football matches in Europe’s top leagues, BT Sport boasts a huge number of live sports streams in the UK.

You can also get BT Sport discounted rates as part of a Sky or Virgin Media subscription package.

Whether you watch your favorite sports at home, on TV or on the Internet. This guide shows you the best options for watching sports online or live.