3 easy ways to quickly create custom Facebook landing tab


Jeff Widman from Facebook Tips for fans BrandGlue (and a moderator at 1 p.m. Facebook meeting success) estimates that 199 of 200 interactions (99.5%) on the user's (or message) whiteboard. That means Hardly anyone will return to their fan page after the first visit..

Think about your own behavior in Facebook. How many brands did you ‚Äúlike‚ÄĚ and never came back? For me, they are a total of 137 pages: a combination of companies, organizations, other social media consultants, etc. How many of these sites did I initially like after I "liked" it? Essentially zero, except for screenshots for presentations.


I like "

The effects of this are enormous. one way or another cancel the whole concept of converting yours Facebook Page in a mini version of your site.

And do it Make visitors the most important component of your focus FacebookBecause if they don't like it, they may never receive information from you. In fact, the conversion rate of visitors to new fans is an important performance indicator for Facebook The success. (When 100 people come to you Facebook Page and you get 20 new fans, their conversion rate is 20%).

Sell ‚Äč‚Äčas

With the exception of the ‚ÄúLike‚ÄĚ button on your site, this is the best way to generate new fans. Facebook is to create a custom landing tab. This means that when visitors come to you Facebook For the first time you see a custom tab, not your wall.

For BrandGlue customers Using a custom landing tab increases your conversion rates by 100% or more in almost all cases.

The best news about custom landing tabs is that they are lightweight and inexpensive to create. Are here Three options to create a custom landing tab for yours Facebook Side.

# 1: TabSite

Tabsite It is one Facebook Application developer specialized in offering businesses that can easily customize tabs. With TabSite you can Create and manage content on your custom tab, like a website or blog post, including the incorporation of multimedia. Instead of having a simple custom tab with an image, you can use multiple images, videos, text, etc.

With TabSite you can run up to five "subpages" on your custom tab.

Tabsite costs 5 US Dollars per Month for company sites. It is free for employees. Facebook TabSite pages are not difficult to install, but they are not very obvious either. its best for experienced usersAlso, there is currently no free trial version, and the preview feature is a bit cumbersome, so you may need to tweak your layout and design multiple times.

# 2: Social North

Social North It is one Facebook Page application developer who has a large (15+) and growing number of managed widgets Add power to your power Facebook presenceIn addition to photo galleries, video apps, discussion forums, and other settings, North Social has a custom tab called First impression.

The only challenge with North Social is that if you are just looking for a custom tab solution, it's exaggeratedNorth Social packs its apps for a monthly fee ($ 19 for the base package). Then you have access to over 15 customizable apps at a cost. But if it's primarily a single app, it's like squeezing flies with a baseball bat.

Also, the First Print tab can only contain images and text, not multimedia content (as with TabSite).

# 3: liver pag

This is arguably the simplest of all the custom landing tab creation options. Side lever Gives you a chance Upload a single image and create a greeting tab in about two minutes.

The students on the page are completely free of basic functionality.

The extended version ($ 20 Pr. Year) allows you to add content only to fans, so that your custom tab contains different messages for non-fans and fans. When a visitor clicks "Like", the content changes automatically (without reloading the page) and you can immediately thank new fans and invite them to download a coupon, invite their friends, etc.

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Other custom tab options

In addition to the three options described above, there are other Facebook Application companies like it Involve. Buddy Media and Vitrue it has custom tab components. These companies mainly offers everything Facebook Fan-side management kits that are impressive, but generally target medium and large businesses.

If you are a DIY enthusiast and technically competent, you can also create your own Facebook Application to display a custom tab (among others). use Facebook Canvas program System, you can arm this in one day if you understand FacebookAPI calls etc. This is not for beginners. I had my boyfriend Chuck reynolds Investigate this alternative because it's over my head.

Summary and Tips

I would probably choose very simple and straightforward custom landing tabs Side lever in most cases Free is an attractive price, and even 20 US Dollars per Year Disclosure feature is the cheapest option.

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When a landing tab is only part of you Facebook Adjustment plan then Social North This may be the best option, as various usable applications are impressive and inexpensive.

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Once you've completed your tab, click "Settings" on your fan page and use the drop-down menu labeled "Standard Landing Fan for Everyone Else" to select your non-fan landing page.

What is your favorite custom landing tab? Facebook? Have you already created one for your site? Leave your comments and ideas in the box below.

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