30 Things We Won't Need More Thanks to the iPhone

by Kelvin
30 Things We Won't Need More Thanks to the iPhone 1

With the arrival of the iPhone and the evolution of the operating system, we have been able to see how it has become increasingly a productivity tool for daily use. Thanks to its large capacities, its operating system, the increasing number of applications available and, above all, portability.

30 Things We Won't Need More Thanks to the iPhone


The iPhone has become a Productivity Tool Replacing Objects for Daily Use

One of the qualities of the iPhone is that we take it daily with us And thanks to everything we can do with this, we have come to replace a large number of objects that were previously essential for our day to day.

Today we bring you a video in which we can see 30 things that we will not need anymore thanks to iPhone, a great example of the evolution of smartphones and our growing confidence in these devices to develop daily.

30 Things We Won't Need More Thanks to iPhone - Phone

The iPhone has Replaced Phone, Clock, Camera, Recorder, Calculator and More

The list of things that the iPhone has replaced from our conventional life is not infinite, but quite extensive. In fact, like other smartphones, it has become one of the essential gadgets for all people.

In a small device we can have a large number of functions, as a Swiss army knife, among which we can find:

  • Phone
  • Watch
  • Camera
  • Tape recorder
  • Calculator

30 Things We Won't Need More Thanks to the iPhone - GPS

  • Lantern
  • Alarm Clock / Alarm
  • Chronometer
  • Mail
  • Video Consoles
  • Maps
  • GPS
  • Radio
  • Walkman

All this, among many others …

Video of the 30 Things We Won't Need More Thanks to the iPhone

Then we leave you with this magnificent video in which we can see more visually the things that, thanks to the iPhone, we will not need.

Conversations: A Critique That Couldn't Be Missed

Among all this great amount of things that show us in that impressive video, in which we can miss the old recorders, the GameBoy, the Walkman, among others … At the end of the video they teach us as criticism, the conversations. It is true that since smartphones are increasingly intelligent, many people feel that we have lost, so to speak, the ability to communicate.

30 Things We Won't Need More Thanks to the iPhone - Talk

Today, we communicate, maybe even more than before, we reach more people from more parts of the world. Of course, criticism will always be present and should not be forgotten, but in our opinion, rather than the ability to talk, we have rather lost respect for others, when we are in a group, to pay more attention to those invisible friends who They are always behind the screen of our smartphone.

Do you use the iPhone for all these things? Surely some take more advantage, do not forget to tell us, through the comments, that other things have replaced the iPhone in your daily life.

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