4 application to send messages without connecting to WiFi


This is an application that allows you to send messages without having to connect to a WiFi network.

4 application to send messages without connecting to WiFi

In Honk Kong, one of the most used applications to send messages is WeChat. It was recently announced that the users' texts were monitored by the Chinese authorities, which generated a great controversy over the violations of people's privacy.

As a result, applications were developed that can send messages without the need to connect a cell phone to the network. Wifi, which allows state intervention in chat.


Bridgefy has been successfully established in Asian countries, achieving up to 4,000% download growth.

This application works with Bluetooth technology, which brings together different users, allowing them to send messages, without the need for an Internet server. Wifi.

Its range reaches a distant location because it uses the device's antenna to extend its signal and has a range of approximately 100 meters or more. The Bridgefy version can be found for Android and iOS phones.

Firechat is an anonymous messaging application that also works through a Bluetooth connection.

Its great utility is to send messages to close people, so it is often used in recitals or massive events where the network Wifi or the phone doesn't work due to the many requests.

Professor Alan Woodward, an expert in computer security at the University of Surrey, UK, presented a critique of this alternative form of communication.

"In conection from peer to peer(person to person), if you know how it works, you can sit in the middle and control which devices are talking to each other. This can tell you who is involved in the conversation, "said the researcher.

Iphone phone users also have the ability to communicate without using Wifi Thanks for the Air Chat app. A feature of this application is that messages are sent through an encrypted security system that only allows those involved to access them.

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