4 tips to charge cell phones and make the battery last longer

by Kelvin
4 tips to charge cell phones and make the battery last longer

With these 4 tips you will be able to prolong the life of the battery and make the cell phones last longer on.


The cell phones they continue advancing by leaps and bounds, but there is something that seems to have been very relegated in these technological achievements. We talked about the batteries, which were completely relegated. The duration they have is almost as similar, or even shorter, than the phones offered several years ago.


But the truth is that the batteries of the cell phones if they were progressed considerably in these years. The big problem, really, is the users who demand more and more from the phones and do not charge them in the right way.

A clear example is to believe that if we make small and constant charges in the long term they end up damaging the battery of cell phones and that it is better to perform a single long charge when the battery of the device is low. However, it is not something highly recommended, since the Cadex battery company website details how lithium-ion batteries in smartphones are very sensitive to their own versions of "stress." And this prolonged stress could damage the life of the battery.

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Here we leave you 4 actions that will help you prolong the battery life of the cell phones.

The first thing is not to leave the equipment plugged in for many hours since when it is left plugged in for long hours, the cell phone is forced to receive constant “drip loads” to stay at 100%, which causes a high voltage state that wears out The internal chemistry of the battery.

Something very important not to charge it 100%, since the Li-ion (material from which batteries are made) does not need to be fully charged, nor is it desirable to do so. Moreover, it is better not to do it because a high voltage stresses the battery and wears it out in the long term.


Thirdly, we recommend making short loads, as many times as necessary. It is best to do it when cell phones They lose 10% of their charge, but it is known that this is not too practical, so it can be plugged in whenever possible.

Finally we recommend keeping the equipment always fresh since the batteries of the cell phones Smart are very sensitive to heat, so it is advisable to keep them cool. We have to be careful to expose them to the sun or leave them in hot places.

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