400 million phone numbers are filtered

by Kelvin
Fecebook la vuelve a liar: se filtran 400 millones de números de teléfono

Facebook The world is shown as the great social network of today. Very few are active Internet users who do not have Facebook as one of your websites marked among your favorites. Mark Zuckerberg's company continues to generate millions of visits a day thanks to a constant renovation that has become even more active lately. The elimination of the Likes, the dark mode, the integration with Messenger … Many are the novelties that have reached the application, but the real problem remains the same: privacy.

The security breaches of Facebook They have become a kind of routine that continues to damage the privacy conditions of the social network. We have talked about data leakage, listening to recordings or failures in the Kids section, the only thing missing is that the phone numbers of the users were publicly exposed. Yes, it is exactly what has happened. We tell you all the details.


Facebook publicly expose millions of phone numbers

Security and Facebook They are two factors that do not usually have much relationship. There are already countless situations in which the great social network has appeared in newspapers around the world due to some type of problem related to the privacy of its users. On this occasion, TechCrunch has been the medium that has confirmed what many feared: Facebook may have exposed 400 million phone numbers publicly.

According to the source, the data would be found on a server without security that facilitated access to any user. We talked about a kind of database in which the ID of Facebook accompanied by the telephone number of 419 million users. It should be noted that the storage of these numbers did not have any type of security key, so all users who wanted to have a look were shown publicly.

400 million phone numbers are filtered 2

The immediate reaction of the Zuckerberg company has been Delete this server completely. However, we must point out that this information would have remained exposed for a period of more than one year, so the security of the social network is still in question.

What will be the next of Facebook?

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