4A Games is developing a new Metro delivery

by Kelvin

This morning the activity of THQ Nordic has left many interesting headlines. To the acquisition of studies, where he joins Gunfire Games and Milestone, new projects linked to several of his studies have been added. This is how the development of a new Saints Row would have been confirmed, even the arrival of a new one is suggested TimeSplitters. But there has also been talk of a new Triple A from 4A Games, creators of Metro. Shortly after, from 4A Games has confirmed that the studio is developing a new installment of Metro.

As you can see in Gematsu, which has also echoed the movements of THQ Nordic, the CEO of 4A Games, Lars Wingefors confirms that the study is developing a new Metro delivery. After the success of Metro Exodus, one of the most spectacular shooters available on Xbox One, continuing this license can give more to fans of narrative shooters. It is precisely the success treasured by this saga, with a trilogy that seemed to close with Metro 2033, Metro Last Light and Metro Exodus, continuity seems to be assured.


That 4A Games confirms that it is developing a new delivery of Metro is great news, as it is one of the best proposals within that shooter genre unlinked from the typical multiplayer modes. His latest installment took advantage of new trends, opening the map and adopting a more open style, with sandbox-type missions, which delved into what had been, until then, a game strongly involved with a fairly linear narrative. Now, we have to wait to see what they have now, knowing that it is a new game of this franchise.

There is not much more information, but what had been an unallocated Triple A game has come to fruition a little more. Now, very little more, because it does not look like it will be a game that will be announced in the coming months. And almost better not to rush and know how to meet the needs of a development that offers a new installment of this saga, taking into account the arrival of future hardwares that can give a technical boost to a saga that has always been at the forefront of the section technical.

If you want to check the saga honeys, the three titles of the Metro trilogy are available through Xbox Game Pass

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