5 better functions on WhatsApp or not on Telegram

by Kelvin
5 better functions on WhatsApp or not on Telegram

Telegram is considered the most complete messenger today, having features and configurations that no other software has. However, it’s not all flowers. In comparison with the main competitor WhatsApp, it loses in some aspects.

If we take into account the question of membership, the popular “Zap” beats his rival. While the green app has about 2 billion users, the blue app has “only” 550 million worldwide, according to research and analysis firm Statista.

In this scenario of greater popularity, WhatsApp ends up benefiting from having the Facebook — one of the largest technology companies in the world — as an owner, and therefore manages to have resources such as online payment, which was recently implemented in Brazil.


O TechWorld listed this and four other functions that Telegram does not have or that WhatsApp has a better version for the user. Only native tools for each app were taken into account, since with third-party software it is possible to perform some of the aforementioned actions. Check out the comparison below.

payment function

WhatsApp launched in Brazil, in May this year, WhatsApp Pay. The tool, which is regulated by the Central Bank (BC) and works based on the Facebook Pay, allows you to transfer money to other app users, including friends and family. The system is protected with encryption, uses credit cards to move money and each operation must be authorized with a password.

In Telegram

Telegram has had a similar function since 2017. “Payments” is a tool that arrived in version 2.0 in April and uses bots to intermediate who will receive and who will make the payment.

Despite having the feature, payments on Telegram are aimed at merchants, and merchants need to use an API that can seem complex. And even using well-known providers, the WhatsApp function is better because it is much more uncomplicated, as it makes sending and receiving money similar to sending a photo or video, as it takes advantage of the system used by Facebook.

business version

WhatsApp Business is a separate application that was developed exclusively for the Commerce and Services sectors. With it, it is possible to create a unique profile of a store, organize the customer list with labels, use transmission lists and receive payments (with debit and credit cards) via the Cielo network.

In Telegram

Telegram does not have a separate application focused mainly on micro and small businesses. Within the standard application it is even possible, however, to create an account with a commercial profile and mainly use the channels to promote the products and services. However, the support is not the same given by WhatsApp, which ends up leaving the app behind its competitor in this regard.

Furthermore, if we think about the consumer public, Telegram is far behind. In Brazil, for example, about 45% of smartphones have the blue app installed, against an incredible 98% of WhatsApp devices.


Despite being quite controversial, the short videos that are automatically deleted every 24 hours are also present on WhatsApp. Popularized by Snapchat and evolved by Instagram (where it is called Stories), the messenger’s version is called “Status”.

In Telegram

Rowing against the tide, Telegram has not (so far) joined any kind of space for publishing short videos that are automatically deleted after a certain time.

Backup conversations

One of the ways WhatsApp preserves a user’s messages and files is by backing them up directly to Google Drive or iCloud. These backups can be done daily, weekly, monthly or just whenever the user wants.

They serve to ensure that an entire conversation history is retrieved and installed as soon as the user changes his cell phone, for example. The system is very simple and makes recovering chats much easier.

In addition to being able to save conversations in another location, the app has recently started to be used on up to four platforms at the same time without the need for a cell phone.

In Telegram

Telegram does not perform backups to Google Drive by its own choice. According to the Q&A section of the platform’s official website, the developers have chosen to use “an integrated security-focused backup solution in the form of cloud chats.” That is, conversations are stored in the cloud and will be harder to recover if they are deleted (since they will be deleted directly from the cloud).

Export conversations to emails

Similar to the previous topic, WhatsApp allows the export of history to email with up to 10,000 messages with media files and 40,000 messages without media files. The document is generated in .txt format and allows the user to find specific messages.

In Telegram

As mentioned earlier, Telegram does not perform backups or exports to email as it considers the format to be insecure. Despite reducing the user’s option and convenience, the software defends that not using decryptable backups (which remove the encryption and leave the message readable for other means) makes the app more secure.