5 gamer speaker models to improve gaming audio

by Kelvin
Imagem de: 5 modelos de caixa de som gamer para melhorar o áudio dos jogos

A good sound system in games is essential to increase the immersion and realism of games, especially at a time when new technologies stand out alongside graphics, performance and other features. Thus, this pillar of the gamer universe works as an essential specification for building a good PC gamer, regardless of whether players experience sporting scenarios or enjoy a more casual routine.

With that in mind, we’ve separated a list with some gamer speaker models (input and more demanding models, with USB operation or Bluetooth connection) so that you can improve the audio of games on your PC and enjoy the main features in the most faithful way and elegant as possible. Check out the suggestions below.

Multilaser SP261 speaker box

6% off

Portable, lightweight and compact, in addition to offering easy connection to a notebook or PC, the SP261 takes up little space on desks or in work areas.


BRL 95.90

Entry model for gamers and conventional users, the SP261 speaker is a basic and easy-to-connect device, running on USB power and being compatible with PC, notebook and mobile devices via a 3.5mm P2 cable. In addition to having a portable and super lightweight design, the box includes 2.0 surround sound technology and active amplifier.

Redragon Orpheus Stereo GS550 gamer speaker

Equipped with an advanced Sound unit with 2.0 channel stereo core. Convenient volume knob, combined with the on/off switch, ensures convenient and accurate volume adjustment.

Dedicated to gamer audiences, the Redragon gaming speaker is a versatile portable equipment that brings professional audio to games and movies, thanks to the 2.0 stereo technology. Orpheus was created for durability and affordability, featuring a P2 headset jack, soundbar format, plug-and-play boot via USB, and convenient volume and shutdown control, all cost-effectively.

Warrior Odysseus SP266 gamer speaker

7% off

6.5” subwoofer sound power and 3” side boxes, feel the 50w RMS sound power, charging is easy: with a regular cell phone charger, micro usb port or even a portable charger.

BRL 404.01

The Odysseus is an intermediate audio device consisting of two 3” stereo satellite speakers and a 6.5” super bass mono subwoofer. The gamer speaker stands out for delivering realism and bass sounds, all in an adjustable model compatible with any device that has a 3.5mm P2 cable and capable of operating via plug-and-play, without the need for software.

Logitech G560 Gamer Speaker

30% off

The 2.1 speaker system reacts to in-game music and actions. Customize effects by choosing from over 16.8 million colors with four lighting zones: front lighting and rear ambient projection.

BRL 1,989.29

Logitech’s Bluetooth gamer speaker is dedicated to PC gaming and features powerful surround sound, alongside an RGB lighting system with 16.8 million customizable colors that adjusts to different moments played back on screen. 120 watts RMS power the subwoofer and two satellite speakers to deliver a wide soundscape, all in a premium model with quick setup and full user control.

Edifier R1700BT speaker

A powerful device for demanding users and lovers of sound fidelity, with an excellent design. The equipment reproduces 66W RMS with high definition through the 4-inch speakers and 19mm tweeters.

With a wood finish, the Edifier gamer speaker is a model dedicated to the demanding public and has integrated DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and DRC (Dynamic Range Compensation) technologies, delivering better performance and less distortion even at high volumes. The speaker model can be connected via Bluetooth or RCA inputs, and includes remote control, 4-inch speakers and 19mm tweeters, and a front air duct.