5 iPhone settings you should activate right now

by Kelvin

The iPhone has numerous settings and today we are going to tell you five that you should have activated for a long time. These are important options both for our security and to improve our day to day and that you can activate and configure in a matter of seconds.

It's not about adjustments we all know about the type Update your device but if the last time you entered the Settings was to precisely update your iPhone, this interests you.


Establish emergency contacts

In case of an accident it is very likely that the authorities want get in touch with your family, for this type of cases there are emergency contacts. To configure an emergency contact follow these steps:

  • We go to the app Settings.
  • Click on SOS emergency.
  • We go down and play in Edit emergency contacts.
  • We enter our Medical Data, click on Edit and add contacts emergency we want.

iPhone emergency call

Now anyone can call these contacts without unlocking the iPhone, click on SOS and Medical Data on the lock screen.

Activate emergency calls quickly

Since we talk about emergencies, if you want to call the authorities quickly and without hardly notice you can activate an option in Settings> SOS Emergency why the iPhone will call emergencies if we press the unlock button 5 times in a row.

Enable double factor authentication

Another very important step for our safety, in this way nobody can access our account Apple since you will need a code sent to one of our devices. To activate double factor authentication follow these steps:

  • We headed up Settings of the iPhone.
  • At the top we click on our name and then Password and security.
  • We activate the Double factor authentication.

Create keyboard shortcuts

One of the most useful functions that exist in iOS is to be able to create a keyboard shortcut, that is, when you dig a word it will be replaced by a phrase or another word. To do this you will have to:

  • Go to Settings> General> Keyboard.
  • Click on Text substitution.
  • Click on the "+" that appears at the top right.
  • In Phrase we put what we want to appear and the Quick Function the short phrase that will be replaced.

apple on iphone keyboard

This is very convenient to write our email quickly or to use the  of Apple comfortably.

Edit Control Center

The Control Center is the place for everything from iOS from which we can control a huge number of things. However each user is a world so Apple allow full customization, you just have to go to Settings> Control Center> Customize controls and edit them to your liking.

As we see it is about very simple settings that can be edited in a matter of seconds and that will be very useful, if you want to know more tricks do not miss our complete productivity guide with the advice of the best professionals.

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