5 secret iPhone features you might not know

by Kelvin
5 secret iPhone features you might not know 1

We tell you some things you can do with the iPhone

Day by day the mobile phone of Apple, the iPhone, becomes more popular, with hundreds of people counting on some of its popular models. However, even iPhone lovers may miss some of the secret features of this device, and if you are not one of those who dare to mess around and play with the phone's settings, you may not realize the hidden potential of the device. iPhone. Don't worry, today we tell you 5 secret functions available on iPhone.

5 secret iPhone features you might not know 2

Number lock and mute conversations

Thanks to the latest iOS 8 update we can access special features to protect and improve privacy on iPhone. If you are bothered by a group where they are sending messages every two seconds, or you want to block an unknown number that does not stop calling you, send you spam messages, from iOS you can do it easily.


For block a contact in iPhone that sends you spam messages you just have to open the conversation, click on the Details option and then on the “i” icon next to the phone number, click on the option Block this contact that appears in the new menu and ready. However, to silence a chat you must activate the Do not disturb option from the same Conversation details menu.

From the Telephone section you can also block unwanted numbers, for this you simply have to go to the Phone app, select the Recent tab, click on the «i» icon next to the phone and then, as with the messages, select the option Block this contact.

To unlock them then you simply have to go to Settings> Phone> Blocked contacts and at this point select the Edit option and then remove it from the blocked list.

5 secret iPhone features you might not know 3

Control the iPhone with your head

It may sound crazy but the iPhone has an option that allows us to control its operation through simple movements with the head. To activate them you have to go to the Settings menu> General> Accessibility and then enter the option Control by button> Buttons, here we will have to choose the iPhone camera as the entry point and choose the direction of movement and the function you want to take finished. For example, you can configure it for the mobile to access the Contacts application when you move your head to the left.

Help Siri with the pronunciation of names

Since its first appearance, the voice assistant Siri has been improving and evolving, and much, but still has some problems typical of these general solutions for voice control. Siri, in some occasions, has a rather crude pronunciation of the names. However now we can tell Siri that he is pronouncing wrong and help her improve by telling her how to pronounce each name correctly.

Take photos by pressing a physical button

The rise of digital screens makes today pressing a button to take photos sound a bit strange, but anyway there are users who prefer the security of pressing a real button, and not a touch screen, especially in the In case you try to take a photo (selfie) with the rear camera, which has a higher quality and definition. For these people iPhone has a secret function that has been available for a long time and not everyone knows it: if you press one of the volume buttons on your iPhone you can take the photos quickly and easily. Also with the EarPods this function is enabled from the headphones' own volume buttons, allowing you to use your iPhone headphones as a remote control, as long as you have them connected.

5 secret iPhone features you might not know 4

Show the places where you have been

In case you did not know the iPhone tracks and saves the data of the places where you have been, unless you deactivate this function. At the time, this secret function caused controversy over the issue of user privacy and the data it stores. AppleHowever, Cupertino's company maintains that the data is well protected.

If you want disable location registration function From the places where you have been you have to go to the Settings menu> Privacy> Locations> System services> Frequent locations and here you can see your recent locations and deactivate the registration function.

Did you already know these tricks for the iPhone?

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