5 The best privacy-focused browser for iPhone and iPad

by Kelvin

Privacy is very important when browsing the internet. As long as you stay online, many trackers will surely follow you from site to site, logging your browsing activities to find out what. And offline, you always run the risk of someone else stumbling, or worse, looking at your search history.


Therefore, it is very important to use a privacy-focused web browser on your iPhone or iPad. That way, you have a browser that can be reused for personal searches that you cannot do without.

Fortunately, there are several browsers that offer exceptional privacy-based features. Also, it is quite popular (it will be surprising if you have never heard of it), it receives regular updates and it is free to use. Let's see it

1. Firefox approach

Firefox Focus is an amazing web browser created specifically to protect you from online and offline privacy threats.

To thwart website efforts to track it online, Firefox Focus is equipped with various anti-tracking modules (advertising, analytics, and social media). Firefox Focus activates these modules by default; You can disable them if necessary through Firefox Focus Settings. However, you must keep it active.

For offline threats, you have a nice Trash option that immediately 'throws away' whatever appears on your screen in an instant. Firefox Focus can also use Face ID or Touch ID to make sure. This prevents others from reopening the browser and seeing what you are doing.

The best privacy browser for Ipad 1 The best privacy browser for Ipad 2

However, Firefox Focus offers limited functionality in certain key areas. Perhaps the biggest problem is that you can't open more than one tab at a time. And there's no bookmark support either, though you can save your favorite sites to open them faster.

If Firefox Focus feels too tight, you can always try the full version of Firefox, which has a similar anti-tracking module and a special private browsing mode to boot.

2. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

The DuckDuckGo privacy browser (named after the DuckDuckGo search engine) runs on the same line as Firefox Focus. It never records your browsing activity, thwarts a ton of site crawlers by default, and provides a gradation of 'privacy', from an A-E scale, to a website for a good measurement.

Even the Toast icon feature to get rid of anything on the screen in an instant, similar to Firefox Focus, but with cool animations. You can also block the browser with Face ID or Touch ID

The best privacy browser for Ipad 3 The best privacy browser for Ipad 4

DuckDuckGo also removes many of the oddities associated with Firefox Focus. You can use as many tabs as you like and bookmark your favorite sites. It even allows you to stay connected to the website after deleting your browsing data, which is very convenient.

But there are also downsides: You can only use DuckDuckGo as your default search engine, and nothing else. DuckDuckGo as a good privacy search engine, but sometimes, you need to use Google to get better and more relevant results. Firefox Focus is better with an option to switch between multiple search engines.

3. Brave browser

Unlike Firefox Focus and DuckDuckGo, Brave can easily function as the primary web browser and your privacy. It has a complete bookmarks manager, a special download manager, saves your login information and even syncs your data between devices. Dare to also use the dark mode, which you can link to the color scheme of the iOS system.

Plus, the default Brave Shields will easily block privacy trackers and ads, malicious scripts, and fingerprints. And you can also use Face ID or Touch ID to protect the browser from local threats.

The best privacy browser for Ipad 5 The best privacy browser for Ipad 6

4. Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery Privacy Browser may look a bit outdated, but it offers excellent protection against online crawlers. Ghostery even shows all the crawlers and scripts that websites use to control their behavior. Tip: Touchez the Ghost icon.

It can also function as the main browser: it offers bookmarks and password support. However, it does not allow you to sync data between devices.

The best privacy browser for Ipad 9 Top privacy browser, Iphone Ipad 10

Ghostery also shows the titled Ghost Mode (the tab switch opens, then Touchez Ghost), which will automatically remove all open tabs every time you leave it. And to prevent other people from checking your search activity, you can also limit your browser with Face ID or Touch ID

Um, yes, Safari. And why not. Apple famous for its tough posture for user privacy. And maybe your default iPhone or iPad browser might be what you need.

Safari has its cross-site anti-tracking module (enabled through iPhone / iPad Settings> Safari) to prevent trackers from following you between sites. To further increase privacy and block more trackers, you can easily integrate Safari with the content blocker.

The best privacy browser for Ipad 7 The best privacy browser for Ipad 8

To protect yourself from local threats, switch to Private mode (Touchez the tab switch, then Touchez Private). That will effectively restrict your browser from using the Personal tab unless you exit mode. And it still kicks in even if you force it out of the browser and open it again.

Privacy concerns

The five browsers mentioned above should easily help you protect your privacy from local and online threats. But it is difficult to recommend a particular browser because personal preferences will play a role, so consider trying what is best for you.

But as a general rule, use Firefox Focus or DuckDuckGo if you want a free personal browser for a regular web browser. In contrast, Brave and Ghostery should run from private and regular browsing, but the availability of Brave's multi-platform may make it a better option.

And for those of you who don't like the extra clutter on your iPhone or iPad, Safari should serve you well.

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